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Pool party? Easy!

19:58, 11 September 2015

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All over the world, hotels and beach clubs are starting to discover the Pool Party in a new way. Crowded events with plastic utensils and clumsy animators are a thing of the past. Now, world-class DJs, popular celebrities are invited to pool parties, serving drinks and food from leading chefs.

Summer is over, but no one bothers us to dream and see how people come off near pools around the world.

Nikki Beach, Saint-Tropez, France

A splash of champagne, confetti, beautiful people, exceptional cuisine, famous DJs, fashion shows and celebrities are just some of what Nikki Beach has to offer. But before you go there, make sure that your credit card has no limits.

Potato Head Beach Club, Bali

The world-class club Potato Head Beach Club is amazing with its huge pool located on the ocean, as well as the names of DJs and artists who constantly perform there.

The average check at the club will range from $ 50 to $ 100.

Shore Club, Miami Beach, Florida

Shore Club is both a place to relax on comfortable beds and sun loungers, and the center of world club life. For example, Reload Pool Party is a legendary event for electronic music lovers from around the world.

Accommodation at the Shore Club hotel, in which the legendary parties take place, is from $ 200 per day.

The Standard, Los Angeles, California

An attraction of The Standard's Hollywood bar is the legendary pool, famous for various parties with the participation of celebrities and simply beautiful people. A large heated pool, bar, cocktail service and ping pong tables are all you need to have a good time.

The cost of living at The Standard Hotel is from $ 200 per day.

Ushuaia, Ibiza, Spain

The iconic Ibiza Beach Club is known for its swimming pools with a floating bar and underwater speakers that turn parties into real events. If you manage to get into the VIP zone, then you will definitely meet some celebrity there.

Staying at Ushuaia Hotel will cost you from $ 300 per day.

Today, after restoration, you can enjoy fashionable parties and other pool services for € 180 per day.

Ocean Club, Marbella, Spain

The Marbella Ocean Club offers two different types of pool parties. The first is an ordinary party by the crystal clear pool with luxurious furniture, white leather beds, exceptional service and popular DJs. The second type is celebrity parties where champagne literally flows like water.
To spend a day at Ocean Club you have to spend at least $ 150 per person. And if you decide to rent a leather bed with your friends, be prepared to spend a couple thousand dollars.

Beautiful, is not it? But parties can be arranged at home even with a small pool, which will be much cheaper than a one-time trip to one of these events.

"Chic" Party

Thinking of a “high-class” party by the gorgeous pool, where everyone will have something to talk about? You can create a modern “chic” atmosphere using a basic black and white theme. Expose a few black and white armchairs. Make a small hip bar with a snack, such as sweet potatoes. Create some original cocktails and serve them in stylish glasses. Several air mattresses and chairs on the water are ideal for relaxing while sipping a cocktail. Hand out inexpensive slippers that guests can wear at the party and keep as a keepsake.

More expressive look

Inspired by the insta-look of fashion bloggers, we have put together a selection of the most original sunglasses this season to complement your look at the pool party. Agree, this accessory will definitely add mystery to your image.

Sun protection

Having fun at the party, you must remember that your skin is in the sight of sunlight. Burnt shoulders and a red nose will ruin any look! We recommend that you pay special attention to sunscreen.

Recall that SPF-30 was created for pale skin, SPF-20 for fair skin prone to peeling, SPF-15 for dark skin and SPF-6 for brown or olive skin.

Hawaiian luau

Hawaiian Luau is one of the most popular topics for parties, because decorations and decorations in this case are the easiest to do. Invite your friends to the magical state of Aloha! Guests should wear their brightest Hawaiian print shirts and t-shirts. Make them yourself, or buy ready-made ones, and your guests will pass the “dress code”. Vibrant tropical colors, bamboo accents, Hawaiian-themed accessories from your nearest gift shop. Bright tables scattered across the tables and the surface of the water in the pool create an atmosphere of a wonderful evening. Pineapples, chicken or ham should be the main appetizers of the holiday. Also complement the holiday with a large selection of fruits and vegetables, create a real garden of paradise.

Stylish and terry

When creating a Wow image, you need to remember the details. Not only a swimsuit and glasses will create the mood for the party, but also a beach towel, bag, and shoes. To make a proper impression, choose bright colors that will organically combine with each other. At the peak of the popularity of straw products.

Beach party

It's easy to have a beach party by your backyard pool. The outfit is simple - swimwear and slippers! Use the children's sandbox to build a sand castle. Decorate tables with shells and fishing nets. Hang beach towels on the chairs. Use plastic buckets and shovels, and even frisbee, to serve food and drinks. Toy floating boats in the pool. Make hot hot dogs, hamburgers and corn on the cob, as well as classic “sidewalk” foods such as popcorn, ice cream, and french fries for your family and friends.

50s Party

Move the party straight from the time of Chuck Berry. Buy records with 50s hits. Turn on music to greet guests when they arrive. Inflatable or plastic palm trees in the pool and towels in shades of white, black, pink and turquoise will help create the right atmosphere. Add balls in the form of notes for playing in the pool. Serve classic 50s food: fondue. Offer pieces of bread or meat on special plastic skewers with which they can dip their food into the fondue. For those who want something more substantial, give cheeseburgers and french fries. Serve drinks of this time, such as martini. For dessert, milkshakes and ice cream are great.

Night in Vegas

Transfer your guests on a hot summer night in Las Vegas. Buy neon tubes of juicy flowers such as hot pink or lemon-yellow, and place them on the sides of the pool. Help your friends feel like in Vegas by placing a large buffet in front of the pool with elements of various cuisines such as sushi, Parmigiana chicken and Reuben sandwiches. Choose the area where you will put tables and chairs, and guests will be able to play games such as blackjack, poker. Also give out cards and tokens, which guests can later exchange for prizes.

Spa day for girls

This topic will definitely be popular! Imagine yourself lying by the pool while sipping a cocktail. Indulge yourself! Rent a beautician for a day and offer your guests a manicure or pedicure. Place separate containers for each girl with a nail file, a separator for toes on tables draped with pink paper or a lilac cloth, and small bowls filled with water with a flower floating in it. The food can be light, chips and crackers, mini sandwiches with various fillings, muffins!

Pirate Theme Party

At a pirate party, children can plow the oceans and take part in unforgettable pirate adventures. Invite guests to your party with a treasure map that will lead them to the pool. Draw or print a map of the area, make a treasure chest, place it by the pool. You must include there all the necessary information about the party, such as date, time, guest names, author name. Or manually deliver messages in a bottle for your guests. Roll up the invitations, put them in a bottle and let the guests get it, open a message to find out all the details about your pirate party.
Let the children splash around in the pool playing "pirate" games. Create an intrigue for the children and make them find the treasure. Throw objects into the water, for example, large plastic coins and small toys that will be immersed in the pool, and let the children jump and try to find them. The child who scored the most points wins the treasure. If you decide to play this game, make sure your guests swim well and there are several adults to look after the children. Older children can walk on the board (or springboard). Children can also fight with swords using plastic swords, or special foam.
Choose red and black themes for your party. Throw red and black beach balls into the pool or hang them indoors, as well as use red and black beach towels, tablecloths. Find toy boats and run them into the pool, and let guests enjoy them throughout the party. Find a flag with crossbones and a skull, and hang over the pool.