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How to find a lost item


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If you have lost a thing, you may be anxious and irritated. Of course, your reaction depends on your attitude to the lost thing. The situation can be aggravated if you need to find a lost thing very quickly. If you have lost your wallet or favorite necklace, the tips in this article will help you quickly find the missing item. Recall your last actions. Thanks to this, you can determine where you lost the thing that you are looking for. In addition, be prepared for the fact that you have to conduct a thorough search by examining every corner of your home. Remember, peace is the key to success. Therefore, if you have lost something, do not be nervous, as this will only exacerbate a difficult situation.

Find homes lost through folk ways

To find a lost thing in the house, you can ask for help from the house, use folk methods or apply numerology.

Method 1: The Magic Ball.

Stand in the middle of the room and close your eyes. Imagine that in your hands there is a ball with threads, to the reverse end of which your "loss" is tied. Rewind mentally this ball and move intuitively. So you will come to the place where the lost lies.

Method 2: Help Brownie

Take any scarf and tie it to the leg of the chair, then say these words: "Brownie, brownie, played, and now bring it back." It is believed that you will find a thing where it always lies, since the brownie will return it to its place.

Method 3: Use the numerological code.

Formulate your question, for example, “Where are the keys?”. Write it on paper, and then change the letters to numbers according to the table:

Ask the brownie

To find the lost thing quickly found, make friends with the custodian of your home - brownie. This restless spirit often hides money, documents and other valuable items. Tie a handkerchief to the stool and ask for house support:

“Brownie-brownie! Don't play with me anymore. Give what you took. "

If you coax a brownie with candy, then lost things will have a better chance of returning to the owner. Many, having read the conspiracy, assure that the desired item was found by itself, it fell out of the blue. This is a sure sign that the items sought were at the brownies.

Rituals with items

An effective conspiracy on a lost item is commonly used in rituals associated with household items. We use these things constantly, not realizing that with their help you can find the loss. The following is recommended to cast the spell:

  • threads and ropes
  • herbs
  • handkerchief,
  • matches
  • cup or glass
  • purple candles.

The simplest ritual of household magic is done with a handkerchief. The name of the lost item is whispered in a scarf, after which one end of the fabric is tied in a knot. If the item is found, untie the magic knot and hide the scarf in a closet.

Glass spell

This rite on the missing thing also provides for communication with the brownies. Contact with shallow (often harmless) evil spirits living in the corners of the house is allowed. Remember that the house can not be addressed by name, it is customary to call him the Boss. Procedure:

  1. Go to the kitchen.
  2. Take out a cup or glass.
  3. Sit at the table, turn the cup upside down.
  4. Now you need to read the return plot three times.

After completing the ritual, leave the kitchen and pretend that you no longer need the lost item. Do some work, defiantly ignoring the search. When you return to your original spot, discover a long-standing loss. Conspiracy text:

“Master, I lost (the name of the item), help me find it. If you took it and played enough, then give it back. I will thank you. "

Matches and water

Among powerful conspiracies, to find the lost thing, a rite with matches and water stands out. The evil spirits are afraid of water and fire, so the devils can be intimidated by these elements. If the item is hopelessly lost, get the following artifacts:

Separate in the kitchen and place on the table a bowl filled with water. Light the matches in turn, wait for them to burn, and throw the firebrands into a bowl. Things “come” back if you plot three times:

“The demon is noisy, it brings darkness, he scares people with an expert. He likes jokes and leprosy, you will not find things right away. You, objects, are, stand and roll over. Give me the loss, evil. Let it be so".

Ball of wool and clothing magic

If you don’t know how to find a lost item at home, plots for wool will solve the problem. Take out a ball of red woolen threads (ideally, sheep). Stand on the threshold of the room in which the object was supposedly lost, and proceed to the ritual.

Hold the tangle in your left hand, while the end will have to be wound on the right. Make sure you wrap your index finger. Mentally restore the image of the lost object and throw the ball, pronouncing the words of the spell. Throw and pull up several times until the ball stops - there you need to look for the loss. Spell text:

“Tell me, glomerulus, how to find the missing thing. Where did my item (name) take refuge, why is it not in my hands? Ride and find, all the merits are yours. Let it be so".

Purple candle

The strongest search magic can be applied without spells - you just have to use a regular purple candle. Healers recommend keeping this artifact at home at all times, just in case. Procedure:

  1. Light a candle.
  2. Place the artifact in the center of the room.
  3. Looking at the fire, think about the loss.
  4. Ask for a candle for help in any form.
  5. Take a few minutes to meditate.

Soon, an understanding of where to look for the loss will visit you. Observe on which side of the cinder the molten paraffin flows. This is the direction for further searches.

We are looking for a person

There are several ways to find a missing person. The most powerful rituals are performed on the full moon, so wait for this time and go outside. Stand in such a way that your shadow lies directly under your feet. Having crossed, say the words of the conspiracy:

“As the shadow always runs with me, so the moon let the beloved (name) return home. My shadow will rise side by side, the missing person will cross the threshold again. An angel will call God's servant (name), let him come back soon. I lead and call, I offer to the Lord our praise. Amen".

How to remove the shroud from the eyes

Sometimes a veil that obscures the eyes interferes with finding the desired item - many sorcerers associate it with induced damage. Having calmed down and focusing on the search object, proceed with active actions. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go into the room where the object is supposedly lost.
  2. Read the conspiracy prayer three times.
  3. Cross and look around.

If your faith is strong, the thing is lightning fast. Didn’t work the first time? Relax, have a cup of tea and repeat the ritual. Search Prayer Text:

“Lord, your power is great, help me discover an object (name). Take away the shroud from my eyes, inspired by the unclean. Joking away, may my word end with a work of heaven. Amen".

Punish the thief

Things in the apartment disappear even if a thief visits you. To punish the offender, break off the leg from the old chair. The three-legged chair needs to be set beyond the threshold, and from the remaining leg, plan more chips. Put these slivers in a kind of bonfire, then pronounce a conspiracy:

“Whoever asks the devil of my good will punish himself. I left in the house (the name of the lost item), and his cursed thief grabbed. If the thief doesn’t turn my property around, the unclean one will drag him into the ashes, will not have mercy. Amen".

Return stolen

There is also a simple rite to return the stolen. Go into the room where the thing was lying until it disappeared. Read the spell:

“Whoever took my little thing lost a hundredfold. You cannot see peace and tranquility until (the name of the object) again lies in place. Be hungry and poor. Amen".

The mentioned rite is performed only on one condition - if you are sure that the object is stolen. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to detect the loss that you are already desperate to find. Do magic confidently, thank the higher powers for your help. Then all objects will lie in their places.