Useful Tips

Serge ramelli


• Play a game with your photographer friend who knows about Bresson.
• Start guessing 10 Bresson street photos.
• Tag pictures in two lists.
• 90% of the photos might belong to both of you.

In all forms of art, it has been proven that in the minds of people forever remain “winning” photographs. Our craftsmen become famous with dozens of stunning photographs that they produce throughout their lives. Do not forget that we call them “masters” because their brilliant photos are not less than 100. But this is a small part of what they have been shooting for their whole career. Proceed to create a winning picture that will be difficult to erase from people's memory. This is the frame that will ultimately make you famous.

Photo: Marie Taylor McCormick

4) Inspire others

Inspiring others is easy. Love art and believe that your vision will be preserved for many, many years in your works that will bear your name. Perhaps a lot of time will pass and you will have millions of followers who may not know you personally, but they will be familiar with your art.
There is a certain devotion to art when you constantly create without thinking about the people who will evaluate it. And do not try to impress those who are critical of your previous creations. Understanding your vision and translating it into beautiful creations is itself a great formula that inspires other people.

Photo: Aaron Nace

5) Followers

Imagine that you have achieved recognition and your work has fans. A group of your fans can constantly grow, but how to keep this army of fans? What if they suddenly move away and disappear?
Think about your reputation and be consistent. Analyze your every post and constantly ask yourself, is this work good enough to show it to my fans? Be the most severe critic of your work. Your connoisseurs deserve to see the best of what you are capable of. Then they will cherish you for many years.

Photo: Luke Takes Photos

6) The fruits of activity

Traveling along the thorny path to fame, do not forget that success alone cannot be the main reason for your activity. When creating magnificent creations and embodying your vision, do not think about the result.
Let's turn to the story. How many wonderful artists had nothing to do with fame throughout their lives. None of Van Gogh's paintings were sold during the author's lifetime. Moreover, people were not even ready to take his canvases for free. But today his name is known all over the world and we all know who he is. Although his recognition did not overtake the artist during his lifetime.

Strive for fame and recognition, but do not lose your views and passion for art.

Photo: Moritz Aust

Work for pleasure, money, or both?

We all heard some friend say: “If I were a photographer, artist, director (or representative of any other creative profession), and earned enough money, I would be happier. The problem is that I have a family to take care of, and I cannot afford to give up everything for the sake of my passion. ” At least I have been of this opinion for several years.

This article is a short story about how I retrained from a salesperson to a photographer and made a living doing what I loved. This happened when I was 40 years old, and I would not say that it was a midlife crisis (or, at least, I hope that it was not).

Since childhood, I wanted to become a director, or a photographer. I missed this chance in my youth. I was not bold enough and continued to work on the computer, which was not boring for me, but I never felt it was completely suitable for me. Then, at the age of 25, I started selling for various companies, as I was tired of sitting in front of a computer all day, and wanted to chat with people.

When I turned 30, my brother created a web agency and hired me as a seller, at first I enjoyed it, as the company went on expansion. My dream of becoming an artist faded into the background, but things were going well. In the meantime, I got married and had four children, one from my first marriage, and three with my second wife, whom we raised. I bought a big house, a car, and two motorbikes, and got into a big debt.

At the age of 35, I went on vacation with my friends to the Seychelles. One of them was professionally engaged in retouching in Photoshop, and he started showing me photoshop and retouched the picture I just took. I was amazed. Seeing this, he again inspired his dreams of doing creative work. For some reason, that day I decided that I would find a way to join the film industry, but I had no idea how.

I had more debts than ever, and it would be much harder for me than in my youth. Creating a film as a director is teamwork. I didn’t have a team. For starters, I decided to become a photographer. The advantage is that I just needed a camera, and I could start creating, I didn’t need a team, and this was a step towards my dream.

I went to the first bookstore that I caught along the way and bought some books about photography and Photoshop. Most of them seemed too complicated to understand, except for one, authored by Scott Kelby. If my memory serves me right, it was called Adobe Photoshop CS Down Dirty Tricks. Then I examined all the books and courses of this author that I could only find. Later I opened NAPP and the Photoshop Guys.

I began to make a series of photographs in Paris called Paris Cinema. The idea was to photograph Paris in the most dramatic light possible, just the way we see it in films such as Gone With the Wind, Spielberg’s films. I thought it would be just good practice to become a good director.

A little note about how I studied. I had a certain method of learning photography that worked great for me in three steps:

  1. Find a photographer that inspires me.
  2. Read all of his books, see his courses and try to copy it.
  3. Find your own style using his technique.

Here are a few examples of what I mean.

"HDR: RC Conception" by Trey Ratcliffe. I bought RC books and studied HDR along with Trey's courses.

Below is my understanding of HDR photos.

Below is my personal style.

Another photographer I found out about was Michael Burts. A French photographer whose style I love, he works with film and takes pictures of applied arts.

One of his photos of New York.

I try to republish his kind of work.

My own style.

Joel Grims, they drive me crazy about his compositional work, when I see him, I get a bunch of emotions. What I like about the mixture of his portraits and landscapes, two types of art in one photo.

My attempt to reproduce Joel Grims.

How I changed it to my own style.

Back to my story

Several years and thousands of photos ago, I met a screenwriter who worked on a TV show for a while and created three scripts for feature films. I read his scripts and I liked them. Especially the comedy script that I would like to stage. The screenwriter shared with me that he was tired of working for other companies and that he would like to put on these three films. He needed a partner who had experience in sales and experience in sales in order to be a producer and help negotiate with TV channels and studios. It was great that I was passionate about films, and that I had experience working as a salesman for some time.

We agreed to work together, and I would have the chance to produce one of the films. The only problem was that the creation of a film company would mean a lack of income for several years, the time spent on selecting actors, finding sponsors and a film crew. We would also have to make some test short films to show what we are capable of.

But as I mentioned earlier, I had accounts for which I had to pay, and I definitely could not afford to give up all my work for several years and leave my family hungry.

I developed an intriguing plan for how to implement this with my brother and his business partner. But after a year of work, the plan failed. Needless to say that I was devastated. Again the dream was disappearing. But on the other hand, I spent every possible minute photographing and retouching pictures, thereby improving my skills.

I again met with the director to tell him that I could not create a film company, and that I had no choice. He looked at me and gave a fiery speech. He said that I created such a huge collection of pictures that I could sell.

So, we have found a way to sell prints to hotel owners as a decoration for a hotel. To my surprise, one of the hotels I contacted wanted to buy a series of pictures for myself, as I suggested to them. But wait ... he wanted pictures for two hotels! I did not even believe in it while listening to his voice message.

In total, I sold pictures worth about $ 180,000, being sponsored by my friends, and updated the hotel’s 150 rooms with photographs.

Below are the samples.

I was happy not only because I had enough money to invest in the film industry, but also because I made it an art.

I would never have thought that my hobby would be what I can earn money on.

With the director, we were already ready to create a film company, which we called Alandra Films.

One of my last shots

In two years, we shot eight short films, and three feature films that were sponsored. We have entered into major partnership agreements, and we must make the first film in the summer. The first is called "House of Time", a sci-fi thriller about a man who made a fortune by participating in role-playing games, inviting friends to play time travel for the weekend.

It took a little longer than I expected to finance the first film, I had to learn a lot about film production, (I did not know anything about it), since I did not make money in the film company. I became a part-time photographer to earn a living by studying and working on film projects.

Today, my income as a photographer comes from architectural photographs, brands, people buying some of my photographs in Paris, and textbooks. About a year ago, I made a deal with a French editor to sell some lessons about my photography techniques. He was successful. In fact, in recent months, my manuals have become Photoshop # 1 tutorials on this site. I added English tutorials on various platforms.

Today I earn almost twice as much as when I was a seller, but now I earn them by doing what I love with photography and video products.

Now you can think, this article is about me and about boasting about myself. In fact, on the contrary, it is rather a story about how long I waited to do what I had to do for a long time.

If I had to summarize all this in one word, then it was the word "Accomplishment." So far, everything was just an idea or a desire, it remained in my head, but on the day when I decided to realize my dream and overcome everything, whatever was required, I began to succeed.

I believe that a decision, a strong decision, a decision without a “maybe”, will create the necessary actions. In addition, you need to find a good mentor. Scott Kelby is my mentor, as well as Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, and all the guys who are good at Photoshop. Many years ago, I decided to do most of the classes and learned a lot from there.

They are in my heart, since I have never been happier before doing what I love. They contributed to this enormously.

I recently had the opportunity to spend a week with Scott in Paris. I never met him in person, and it was beyond my expectations. A few minutes after meeting him, I had the feeling that we had been friends for many years.

Steve Jobs once said: “Keep looking, don't calm down, find what you love, and you will succeed!” And Confucius said: “Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” This is true for me.

I still have something to learn and share, and I know that the film business will be long and adventurous, but I like it.