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Putting together a sewing kit


Today I want to talk about Kits for sewing dolls, which are sold in my store.

I have been collecting doll sewing kits for more than a year, they are very popular with beginner craftswomen (which I am so glad about!) And, nevertheless, beginners often ask questions before buying: What is included in the kit? Can I sew a doll myself? Do you have a pattern of clothes?

The assembly of any set begins with the birth of the image of the finished doll, and for me the creation of the Set is this fascinating creative process. Some images form in the head in literally 5-10 minutes, some are born painfully long, but at the last moment the puzzle develops and, as a rule, it turns out to be a super-set)! Among them there are favorites that I tirelessly collect every day, for me this is proof that my vision coincides with yours and we look in the same direction.

Now let's move on to questions and detailed answers, stock up on patience, coffee and cookies:

1. What is included in the doll sewing kit?

In the detailed description for each set there is information about the materials that are included in your set. The fact that they do not read the detailed description is not a secret, so we will dwell on this point in detail:

The set includes cotton fabrics for sewing dresses, skirts, trousers, eurofatin or semi-rigid tulle for a petticoat, as well as more dense textured fabrics for sewing outerwear - a jacket, jacket, vest. The set contains hair (tresses) for creating a hairstyle, ready-made shoes or eco-leather / suede cut for self-made shoes, as well as accessories for decorating and completing the image - ribbons, buttons, a wheelchair, flowers, suede cord, toy (depending on configuration). Be sure to find knitwear and / or cotton for sewing the doll’s body in each set, a pattern and instructions with the stages of work.

2. Do I have enough fabrics to sew dolls?

Fabric sizes are more than enough for sewing 1 doll, basically all fabrics are put in a set with a margin. You can not use the entire set of cotton fabrics and knitwear in one look. For example, use 1 cotton for a dress, 1-2 knitwear for a jacket and a snood, and set aside the remaining 2-3 fabrics for subsequent work. The fabrics in the Set are selected so that you too can feel like a creator and make some decisions yourself. Believe me, the color scheme will not be affected)! Accessories should be used as the final touch at the end, it is very important at this stage not to overload the doll with unnecessary details.

3. I am a newbie, never sewed .. can I sew a doll myself?

Certainly, the Set is designed for the fact that you already have some experience in sewing, you know what it means to “lay a line”, “make a tack” and how to connect the machine to the network. A set for sewing a doll is not an electronic Master Class, not an online MK, where the Master sews with you for 8 hours, and sometimes for you, so that you leave the Master Class with a finished doll.

A set is a harmonious selection of fabrics and accessories for the independent manufacture of only your doll! I am only helping to create an image, you will have to connect your imagination, think through the details of the clothes and the end result. Moreover, if at any stage you have any questions - write, I will always be happy to help you.

At the same time, my Sets are often ordered to girls aged 11-16 and you know what? I saw the result - the dolls are wonderful! I think that mothers could not do without the help, I hope that they also liked the process

4. Is there a pattern of clothes in the Set? Can you sell it separately?

The set includes a pattern of dresses, pantolonchiks and shoes, if the set is equipped with a cut suede or eco-leather for self-made shoes. Clothing patterns separately, I do not sell! Believe me, according to the same pattern, two different craftswomen will get dolls of different sizes. It depends on the degree of stretching of the knitwear, the location of the pattern on the fabric (along the shared or transverse thread), the degree of stuffing, the retrograde Mercury, in the end ..) That is, it is NECESSARY to customize any clothing pattern to fit your doll, it is impossible to make the pattern universal! Please consider this when sewing.

Perhaps in the future I will complete the Set with a full package of patterns for each doll.

5. Why is it so expensive? Why so cheap?

A live master class at a decent Master costs from 5000 rubles and we all know Masters with prices from 10 000 rubles. Undoubtedly, attending a live master class is priceless (sometimes in the literal sense of the word), but if you want to learn how to sew and think on your own, then A set for creating a doll with a pattern costs from 1300 to 1900 rubles.

6. Teach me how to choose fabrics?

Nope, I won’t teach, I will only pass on the inheritance. And if without jokes, then you can develop a sense of color and harmony. In nature, everything has already been invented before us and is so harmonious that adding something is difficult. Look around, pay attention to every little thing, admire the plants, watch children's books with beautiful illustrations, save your favorite pictures from the Internet to your daddy and view them from time to time. And everything will turn out!

7. Can I send you a photo of the doll according to your set?

Of course! I am always very happy when girls send their works as evidence), it is damn nice for me! I am generous with compliments, so do not be shy!

8. I want to learn how to sew dolls from scratch, can you help me?

In this case, I with great pleasure recommend you to take part in the sewing doll marathon with the master Elena Gurylyova. From scratch, Lena teaches how to sew dolls, style her hair, build a pattern, sew clothes and shoes. Very informative daily videos, cool presentation and detailed explanation make the learning process incredibly easy, convenient and useful. The atmosphere of the Marathon is so friendly and warm that many girls continue to communicate even after the completion of the Marathon). The cost of the marathon is from 1500 rubles!