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What is a snowstorm and how it affects a person’s life

Snowstorms are characterized by a strong gusty wind and heavy snowfall. At the same time, a snowstorm is accompanied by low temperature and poor visibility. If meteorological forecasts predict a blizzard in your area, or if the storm caught you in the open, the tips below will help you survive the bad weather. Extremely important in advance prepare for the storm. There are also measures to help you survive a snow storm if it suddenly catches you.

Preliminary preparation

Prepare a heat source. If your house has a fireplace, you should know how to use it correctly and safely. After the announcement of the storm warning, bring into the house a sufficient amount of firewood, which is enough for several days.

Check if you have everything you need. After the announcement of the storm warning, fill the bottles, cans and other containers with water. Stock up on foods that are stored long enough and do not require preparation. Have a first aid kit and a weekly supply of essential medicines.

Be prepared for a possible fire. It can occur due to a drop in power lines or a breakdown in your heat source. Keep a fire extinguisher in the house. Also check the health of the fire alarm.

Stock up on other essentials. You will probably need battery-powered flashlights (one for each person) and a radio. Also take care of the battery supply. Have enough warm blankets, sleeping bags, and clean clothes for everyone in the house.

Check the car battery. Cold weather can lead to a decrease in its power. If a snowstorm catches you in the car, it is necessary that the battery retains a sufficient charge and that you can start the engine and warm up. Look for any signs of corrosion or wear on the wires, tray, or battery mount brackets. If your car battery is more than four years old, it might be worth replacing it. Try to do it in the fall to be ready for the winter weather.

Get your car ready for winter. Make sure your machine is well prepared for the cold.

Prepare an emergency supply and try to store it not in the trunk, but in the passenger compartment in the back seat. In this case, in an emergency, you can easily get to it. Include the following items in the emergency kit:

Do not leave home after the announcement of a storm warning. If you are on the road, try to get home before the storm begins. No matter how well prepared your car is for bad weather, you will be safer indoors. The condition of the road can deteriorate sharply, which will make further driving dangerous.

Try to inform others of your presence. Turn on the hazard warning lights or install traffic lights. This will help rescuers find you, and other drivers - in time to notice your car and not collide with it. If your mobile phone does not disconnect, call the rescue service.

Stay in the car. Leave the car interior only to clean the exhaust pipe or install signal lights. The car will provide you with heat and protection from wind and snow.

Stay alert. Perform light exercises: clap your hands or swing on the seat. This will help you maintain heart rate and blood circulation. Staying in a confined space (e.g. in a car) impairs blood circulation. In turn, insufficient blood circulation contributes to frostbite.

Start the engine periodically. Start the engine once an hour to keep warm. Do not turn on the engine for longer than 20 minutes at a time. At the same time, make sure that the exhaust pipe does not clog.

Drink enough water and do not forget to eat. Drink bottled water regularly and eat stored food. This will help you avoid hypothermia.

If the snowstorm caught you in the open

Try to find dry shelter as soon as possible. This should be your first priority. Look for buildings or cars nearby. If they are missing, try finding something where you can hide from the wind and snow. Stay there until the storm ends or help arrives.

Call for help by phone. If you have a mobile phone with you, try calling the rescue service and a loved one who can help. If there is no connection, disconnect your phone in order to save power, and try to call later. If there may be people nearby, periodically scream and call for help.

Prevent dehydration. This will help you avoid hypothermia. If you have a bottle of water with you, drink from it. In no case do not eat snow, as this will lower the temperature of your body. Try to find ways to melt it.

Winter for the inhabitants of the northern latitudes is a harsh period when daylight hours are short and cold nights are unusually long. This time is accompanied by various natural phenomena, among which the most common are snow, frost, blizzard, blizzard, snowstorm, snowstorm. Under certain conditions, they can turn into the present


Buran is a strong snowstorm, which is characterized by low temperature and heavy rainfall. Significant gusts of wind are sometimes called storms when snow masses from the earth rise into the sky. Similar happen not only in winter, but also until mid-spring.

Buran - what is it? This is a terrible blizzard in the steppe zones. Usually this word is widely used in the Asian part of the Russian Federation. It came to us from the Turkic language, where buran means "stabbing, drilling, twirling."

The main attribute of such a blizzard are blowing snow. If the wind does not stop for a long time, then it turns into a real disaster. Food for animals and birds is hidden under the thickness of the snow, so they massively die from the cold and lack of food. Tree branches do not withstand such a load. They break under the weight of precipitation. Insects also suffer, which simply freeze on land that is not covered by snow.

Magnetic storms

Snow Fleas

Snowy Mountains (mountain range in Australia)

Snow crystals

Storm (Scand.) - “parent” - the ancestor of the gods, the father of Bora and Odin's grandfather, arising from the salt stones that were licked by a cow

Magnetic storms

Magnetic storms The fact that magnetic storms significantly affect human health is already known to everyone. Many media outlets publish forecasts of these phenomena a month in advance. However, astronomers refer to such forecasts very

Magnetic storms

Magnetic storms The fact that magnetic storms significantly affect human health is already known to everyone. Many media outlets publish forecasts of these phenomena a month in advance. However, astronomers refer to such forecasts very

Magnetic storms

Magnetic storms The fact that magnetic storms significantly affect human health is already known to everyone. Many media outlets publish forecasts of these phenomena a month in advance. However, astronomers refer to such forecasts very

Is Buran a habitual occurrence or a natural disaster?

Buran - what is for nature and for man? This phenomenon adversely affects living things, including humans. It interferes with their normal activities, causing a lot of losses. A strong wind interferes with traffic, cuts settlements off from each other, creates a danger of trains coming off the rails, significantly reduces visibility on roads, and so on.

Blizzard harms agriculture. She blows snow from the fields, as a result of which winter crops, deprived of protection, are exposed to freezing. The land is left without water reserves, which affects its fertility.

Frost, snow, wind - a snowstorm is dangerous with these attributes. What is long-term bad weather in the steppe? This is undoubtedly a natural disaster. Dozens of people, caught by bad weather in the open, die every year. There is no need to fight a blizzard, it should be waited in safe conditions.

Synonyms of Buran

The concepts of "blizzard", "snowstorm", "blizzard", "blizzard" are considered words that are similar in meaning, synonyms. The same natural phenomenon is called differently depending on the region. All of them represent the transfer of snow masses, either raised from the earth or falling from the sky. At the same time, a decrease in temperature and strong gusts of wind are noted, the speed of which is more than five meters per second.

Therefore, the answer to the question "snowstorm - what is it" sounds as follows: it is a hurricane, which is accompanied by a strong blizzard, blizzard, snowstorm. It is characteristic of the steppe regions. Prolonged bad weather turns into a natural disaster, causing damage to human life and nature.

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Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Great Russian Language, Dahl Vladimir

m east snowstorm, steppe blizzard, mintlet, with a north, strong wind. A snowstorm from below, when a whirlwind rises and twists snowflakes from the ground, a snowstorm from above, when it snows at the same time. Blizzard, about the time, the time when the blizzard stands. A stormy day. The current stormy winter. Blizzard steppes. Drilling impersonal. stand up, stand, be a blizzard.

Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1998

BURAN (Türkic) is the local name (mainly in the Asian part of the Russian Federation and in Northern Kazakhstan) the name of a blizzard with a strong wind and low air temperature.

reusable aerospace ship. It is made according to a tailless type airplane scheme with a low-lying double sweep wing. Total starting weight up to 105 t, length 36.4 m, parking height 16.5 m, wingspan approx. 24 m, carrying capacity up to 30 tons. Launch of the ship using the Energia launch vehicle, descent and landing according to the “airplane” mode. The first unmanned flight with automatic landing on November 15, 1988.

(Turk.), blizzard in strong winds and low air temperatures. The name "B." is used mainly in the Asian part of the USSR (Siberia, Kazakhstan).

Buran (spaceship)

Buran - Orbital ship - rocket-plane of the Soviet reusable transport space system created in the framework of the Energy-Buran program. One of the two MTKK orbital ships sold in the world, the Buran, was a response to a similar US space shuttle project. “Buran” completed its first and only space flight on November 15, 1988.

Buran (from turk. boran ) - steppe blizzard. A snowstorm is a snowstorm in the steppe, for example, in Bashkortostan, the Orenburg region, Kazakhstan, the southern regions of Ukraine, the steppe part of Crimea, etc.

Buran - A series of Soviet and Russian universal two-track snowmobiles. Series Index - SB-640. It has been produced since 1971 in Rybinsk, now in OJSC Russian Mechanics, a subsidiary of NPO Saturn.

Buran (hockey club)

Hockey club "Buran" Voronezh - The ice hockey team from the city of Voronezh. It was founded in 1977. Performs in the VHL.

Buran (research institute)

Research Institute "Buran" - State enterprise of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine, located in the city of Kiev. He is a developer and manufacturer of radar equipment for passenger, transport and military transport aircraft and helicopters.

Included in the list of enterprises of strategic importance for the economy and security of Ukraine.

Examples of the use of the word snowstorm in the literature.

One only Buran goes ahead, hanged his head, mumbles something to himself.

Just suddenly we hear: behind, in the place where we slept, under the tree, Buran we are groaning.

Flown blizzard I found them halfway, and the groups only by midnight reached the hummocks in front of the northern shore.

AT blizzard he fought off his comrades, but stubbornly walked along the compass and overcame forty kilometers of the icy road in a snowstorm and frost.

At temperatures well below zero and a clear sky raged blizzard driving huge snow masses.

It is not known how long this one can last. blizzard on the icy surface of the lake, where there is nothing more than clean, sterile ice.

Well, Buran , advise now, - molested to Buran Vasily will have three days after arriving on the island — you’ll be our elder, you will go ahead, and give you orders.

Well, I’ll just tell you, man, - began Buran the usual dull chorus - and here it’s hard, because you have to go past the cordons, and there are soldiers in the cordons.

And you won’t come back, - grumbled muffledly Buran , and his eyes went out again - you won’t come back, anyway the crow will spit you out in the paddy somewhere, on the cordon.

You listen to me, what I say, - spoke up Buran with a heart: - I know what they have in their bathrobe, but I need two.

He answered: - To prevent such a phenomenon was also not in my will, as to warn blizzard so that it does not burst.

If a blizzard it will last another two or three days, - my regiment may completely cease to exist.

When Kovalevsky saw this afternoon, a new crowd of his soldiers, already much larger than the previous one, and when this crowd did not turn back into the trenches, but went forward into the snowy desert and blizzard blowing towards her, he was not even surprised - he was stunned.

In this case, all such lawyers agreed with the opinion Burana , and since then it was decided that Vasily should run.

Artel sat in the bushes for a day, spent the night, and the next day leaned towards evening, and Burana everything was gone.

Often faced not only with low air temperatures, but also snowstorms, snowfalls and snowstorms. Such natural phenomena are characteristic of the regions of Kazakhstan, Bashkortostan, the southern territory of Ukraine, the steppe part of Crimea and similar regions. In the article, we consider what a snowstorm is and whether it is dangerous for human life.

Buran - a natural phenomenon

A snowstorm is called a blizzard, which is accompanied by a very strong wind and snowfall. The British call this phenomenon "snow storm."

Buranas are characteristic of steppe territories, where a strong wind often appears. The air velocity can reach 30 m / s. It occurs in winter when the air temperature drops below -20 ° C.

A characteristic feature of the snowstorm is snow blowing - a phenomenon when the wind raises snow from the ground and creates vortices. Such a blizzard can pass without snowfall, and the sky remains clear. Usually lasts a long time, there is a strong wind.

Buran is a winter phenomenon, but it can be seen in early spring. Late blizzard and snow drifts in some territories, for example, Northern Kazakhstan or the Southern Urals, are called “Bishkunak”. And in Bashkiria, the phenomenon was called "Akman-Tukman."

Where is going

The snowstorm can be found not only in the northern latitudes, but also in the steppe regions of Ukraine and Crimea. Usually, airports and highways stop working during this period, and residents are advised not to leave their homes.

In Kazakhstan, there is a clear separation of the concepts of “blizzard” and “blizzard”. The first phenomenon is characterized by snowfall and an increase in ambient temperature, which are caused by warm cyclones. A snowstorm appears at significantly low temperatures - below -30 ° C, no precipitation, clear sky and anticyclone. The wind speed reaches 24-34 meters per second, and the volume of snow falling - up to 1500 m 3.

The economy of Kazakhstan is heavily damaged by snowdrifts, since transportation is difficult during this period.

Buranas can also be found in Bashkiria, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan regions. In these areas there are legends associated with the natural phenomenon. So, according to one of them, after the death of five Kazakhs, who turned out to be unprepared for the blizzard, got lost and froze, the residents leave for nomads only after April 5, according to the old style. Another legend tells of five friends who ran into a snowstorm and died one at a time over 5 days. Since then, the phenomenon has received the name “Bes Konak” - the Kazakh language (or “Bishkunak” - the Bashkir language), which is translated from the Turkic languages ​​as “five guests”.

Natural disaster or not

What is a snowstorm for residents of the steppe regions and can it be considered a natural disaster? Of course, long drifts damage not only the infrastructure, but also stop the work of passenger and cargo transportation.

Emergency services workers hardly get to the victims, repair power lines. We can say that a long blizzard is a real natural disaster.

Since a strong wind blows during a blizzard - about 30 meters per second, it causes destruction to buildings, and the snow carried by the stream only increases the impact force. On the Internet you can find many videos that confirm that the snowstorm is able to tear off the roof of the house, turn cars and spin aircraft.

When a blizzard happens:

What is the danger to man and nature

Степная метель - потрясение для экосистемы. Жизни птиц и зверей угрожает переохлаждение, отсутствие еды и гибель, поскольку в буран заметается глубоким снегом пища животных. Под тяжестью снега подвергаются опасности места их обитания, ломаются ветки деревьев.

Buran threatens all living things with such factors:

  • in the snow
  • by the wind
  • severe frost
  • prolonged course.

Together, these factors are destructive and take dozens of lives every year.

With a long blizzard, settlements remain cut off from the outside world. It is impossible to deliver food or provide medical care to them. The calculations show that during the winter in Northern Kazakhstan, a meter of the steppe road withstands 150 tons of snow.

In addition to the disorganization of people's lives, burans harm nature. So, with a strong wind, the snow that protects the winter from the cold breaks down, and the crops freeze. Also, the earth loses its moisture supply, which is formed when snow melts, which negatively affects crops.

What to do when the snowstorm approaches

Particularly affected are those who were outdoors when the storm began. Gusts of wind and a strong blizzard interfere with normal breathing, and lack of visibility deprives a person of orientation. It is pointless to fight the phenomenon, you need to hide from it.

People have long known what a snowstorm is and how to behave during its approach:

  • do not leave the living room, ensure tight closing of windows, doors, attic and hatches, and if you need to move to another building, you need to use a tightened rope,
  • to bring things from the street that can be carried away by a blizzard,
  • make a flashlight, candles and matches,
  • if at this time a person is traveling by car, it is recommended to stop and wait out the bad weather, you need to turn on the lights and signal - indicate your location,
  • if the situation was taken by surprise on the street, then you need to run to the nearest building and take cover there.

For lovers of tourism and risk trips created a special set of detailed instructions and rules of conduct during a snowstorm.

What is a snowstorm? We can say that this is a real natural disaster. The phenomenon does not occur everywhere, but is characteristic only of the steppe regions. During a blizzard, a person must protect himself and his loved ones, take refuge in a room and wait out the bad weather.