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Does Allen Carr's book quit smoking?


Many people are worried about smoking. Once it was even considered fashionable, but now society is increasingly leaning towards a healthy lifestyle. However, smoking is not such a simple thing that you can easily give up. Therefore, smokers go through several stages in an attempt to get rid of addiction. Some manage to cope with this, while others give up. Those who confidently go to their goal, decide to trust the book. And she is able to help even the most desperate.

Taking up Allen Carr's book, An Easy Way to Quit Smoking, many are skeptical. And all because they think that they will now see the next edition, which describes all the delights of the effects of smoking. No, in this book you will not find annoying notations, colorfully described diseases caused by smoking. Nobody will convince you that it is harmful, ugly, disgusting and bad smell, in any sense of the word. The author simply conveys to you the idea that quitting smoking is easy.

As you read, something changes in your perception, and you calmly accept the idea that you do not need smoking. The book can greatly change you, because it motivates you to give up cigarettes. Many of those who have read this book agree with this.

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Easy Come Easy Go

This phrase can be called the fundamental law of the universe. You have to pay for everything, even for free. For ease even more so. For easy money you have to pay the loss of the ability to earn. Free downloads of trainings do not help. Behind any ease is labor, investment of energy and strength. There are no magic pills.

So it is with the book “An Easy Way to Quit Smoking.” Yes, at first she can motivate and help quit. But then what? After reading the book, you simply removed the symptom of smoking. And as I wrote above, this will help, but only for a while.

You have learned to smoke for years. Smoking has become a part of your life. Do you really think that you can easily refuse it without the corresponding price for it?

1. Quitting smoking, you lose nothing

In any dependence lies duality. Smoking pleases and upsets at the same time. Soothes and tones at the same time. Pleases and punishes.

Stopping smoking - you lose help, support, the ability to somehow calm your inner conflict. And at the same time, you have nothing to lose, as you return to a healthy state. To the one that has already been forgotten. Therefore, yes, quitting smoking you have nothing to lose.

Make this phrase your slogan for the first days of quitting smoking!

2. The charge of motivation after reading it

The book is charging. And her reading is helpful. On the energy received after reading it, you can really do a lot. But take this energy as a temporary phenomenon. It is important. I noticed that many break down after the motivation leaves. They are also frustrated because they did not have a goal. They quit smoking, just so as not to smoke.

The end in itself will not help.

1. Do not change your life due to quitting smoking

In no case should you be guided by a quote:

Do not change your life due to the fact that you quit smoking, no matter what the days are, happy or difficult. There is no need for sacrifices. Remember that you did not give up living and did not refuse anything in your life. On the contrary: you healed yourself from a terrible disease and managed to escape from a terrible prison. Over time, your health, physical and mental, will become better and better, and life ups will seem higher and drops less painful than when you were a smoker. (c) Allen Carr

In the treatment of addictions there is a key point, the addict should not lead the same lifestyle as before. He should not continue to communicate with drug addicts, alcoholics, smokers, etc. It is imperative that you avoid them at first. Otherwise, a breakdown is guaranteed.. A former alcoholic should not go drinking with former drinking buddies. A former drug addict should not walk on dens. This quote is literally an installation to the thrower - you will fall off after a while.

Therefore, having quit smoking to the maximum, start avoiding smokers and those places where you can smoke. Thus, you can significantly reduce the chances of breaking. You need to change your lifestyle.

2. You quit smoking despite using drugs

Reading the “Easy Way” one gets the feeling that all existing ways to quit smoking only do harm. All possible anti-tobacco campaigns are harmful. Government regulation of tobacco products is harmful. Healthy lifestyle advocacy harms. Medicine, in general, also harms. Perhaps there are people who believe in this. But a sane person understands that this does not happen. And behind such statements is a personal interest, well, or simply a misunderstanding of the essence of the issue.

Anti-nicotine campaigns also do not help smokers quit smoking. They only make smoking cessation difficult, intimidating smokers, which makes them want to smoke even more. They do not stop even teenagers. (c) Allen Carr

Hypnotherapy is a means of communication. Having received the wrong message, you will not quit smoking. I do not want to criticize the doctor whom I asked for advice, because if not for him, then I would be already dead by now. But everything happened contrary to, and not thanks to him.

I have heard literally about thousands of cases where smoking reduction has ended in failure. Several successful attempts, which I know of, were achieved by abrupt cessation of smoking after a rather short period during which the smoker reduced the number of cigarettes smoked. In fact, they stopped smoking in spite of the reduction in smoking, and not because of it. All that it gave them was an extension of agony.

In particular, avoid any product containing nicotine, no matter whether it is chewing gum, patch, spray or the latest ingenious device - an inhaler resembling a plastic cigarette. Yes, indeed, a small proportion of smokers who tried to quit smoking with nicotine substitutes have succeeded in their undertaking, and now they attribute their achievements to their use. However, they quit smoking despite the use of substitutes, and not at all thanks to them. It is disappointing that many doctors continue to recommend nicotine replacement treatment.

Such criticism of competitors is a very ugly way of detuning from them. With long-term and severe consequences. Especially for readers who believed in these words. Indeed, what should a poor smoker do if he thinks that nothing in this world helps? That all possible ways only harm. That there is only Allen Carr. The only way out of the situation is to go to the “clinic” of Allen Carr. And there he is waiting for a very high price tag.

Therefore, it is important to divide the dependence into two parts. Physiological and mental. You can close physiological with medical preparations. A psychological forum, a critical reading of The Easy Way, a change in your life, and a specific goal for the near future. Then and only then, you will be able to resolve your internal conflict which grows in you by smoking.

Does Allen Carr's book help a second time?

Allen Carr writes clearly - no, it won’t help. And this is due to the ease of failure, the second time it will not be easy. Therefore, if you really do not smoke after reading it, do not try to start again.

All of the above concerns the issues of quitting: hookah, snus, nasvay, electronic cigarettes, IQOS, GLO and other methods of smoking / soaring.

Please write in the comments if the book helped you, and if so, how. Thank!

Note will be supplemented. Now this is more of a sketch.