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How to measure hip volume? Find out!


Among beginner bodybuilders, it is widely believed that the main thing in bodybuilding is body weight. The greater the muscle volume, the better. In fact, the correct proportions are an indicator of a successful athlete. Often, athletes with smaller volumes outperform more “massive” opponents due to harmonious bodybuilding.

If you decide to seriously engage in bodybuilding, we recommend focusing not on large sizes, but on aesthetics and symmetry. We will tell you about what body parameters you should strive for and how to measure them yourself, in the article.

Proportions in male bodybuilding

The most desirable type of figure is the “inverted triangle” - a wide shoulder girdle and a narrow waist. Therefore, most men tend to precisely such proportions, completely forgetting about the remaining parameters.

For example, athletes with a massive upper body and legs as thin as matches look pretty funny. Another problem often occurs among newcomers - the “bottom” is ahead of the “top” in development, which is also a disproportion. In both cases, a serious correction of the training program is necessary.

Many systems have been developed for calculating the “ideal” anthropometric indicators of male bodybuilders. Let's analyze the simplest technique. To begin with, you should measure your chest circumference with a centimeter. Suppose that this parameter is 100 cm, and calculate the remaining values.

Taz90% of the chest volume= 90 cm
Waist75% of the chest volume= 75 cm
Hip60% of the circumference of the pelvis= 54 cm
Shin60% of the hip circumference= 32.4 cm
Forearm30% of the chest volume= 30 cm
Neck38% of the chest= 38 cm

You can also use the table compiled by the legendary Canadian-American trainer, the founder of the contest "Mr. Olympia" and the founder of the International Bodybuilding Federation - Joe Vader. To determine the proportions, you need to calculate an individual coefficient. To do this, divide the weight (kg) by height (cm) and compare the obtained value with the data below.

Weight / Height Ratio

By measuring your own proportions and comparing them with any of the tables below, you can determine the "lagging" parts of the body. Based on the obtained values, it is recommended to build a training plan.

Female proportions

Modern girls tend to look as slender as possible. Therefore, classic bodybuilding among the fair sex is not too popular. But bodyfitness, a discipline aimed at the harmonious development of the female body without a set of extreme muscle mass, has become very widespread.

In this sport, there are no clear proportions and weight categories, as in men's bodybuilding. Athletes are evaluated strictly visually. The only gradation of the participants is growth (158 cm / 163 cm / 168 cm / over 168 cm).

But even such facilitated evaluation conditions require long-term quality training from applicants. For girls who have never been involved in bodybuilding, we recommend that you pay attention to the “fitness bikini”.

The main indicators in this discipline are attractive appearance, slender physique, the absence of a pronounced muscle relief. Therefore, novice athletes can achieve a competitive form in a short period of time.

Note, a fitness bikini suggests a “base”. That is, the figure of a girl by nature must meet certain standards: long legs, low content of subcutaneous fat, the correct ratio of the volume of the chest, waist, hips. Training and diet should only slightly adjust the existing form. Therefore, unfortunately, this discipline is not suitable for everyone. But those girls who decide to professionally engage in a fitness bikini should consider the following principles:

  • Maximum femininity. Strongly developed latissimus dorsi, prominent deltas, angular quadriceps are all indicators of a bodybuilder. The main task of bikini girls is to create a slim fit silhouette without clearly defined muscles. Therefore, competently approach the selection of a mentor. It is best to contact female trainers who have performed directly in the fitness bikini category.
  • The absence of "cubes" on the stomach. In bikini athletes, abs should not stand out. Of course, this muscle requires study, but without creating a clear relief. Otherwise, the girl may "go" beyond the scope of the category and not fall into the competition. Therefore, we recommend focusing on the static bars and vacuum, and it is best to refuse power twisting with weights.
  • Long legs . Since overall proportions are evaluated in a fitness bikini, the first thing judges look at is lower limbs. They should be longer than the upper body. Only with such data can a girl achieve positive results. Athletes with short legs, even on large platforms, will always lose. Girls need to take this point into account if they are going to professionally engage in a fitness bikini.
  • Feminine breasts. In this sport, this is an important part of the body, as it complements the overall image. Unfortunately, exercises to increase the volume of the breast will not work. Therefore, if you do not have attractive forms by nature, but want to build a sports career in a “bikini,” perhaps you should think about an enlargement operation (we only voice the alleged obstacles and do not urge anyone to go under the surgeon’s knife).
  • Well-developed buttocks. This part of the body is one of the main ones when judges evaluate it. You can have long legs, a beautiful chest, a flat stomach, but if the gluteal muscles look undeveloped, you can forget about the prizes. Therefore, each "bikinist" who wants to achieve high results must perform squats, lunges and leg presses. As a cardio, it is best to use jogging or walking in the stepper.

If you don’t want to speak on the podium, but just try to get closer to the “90-60-60” standard, you will be best suited for general fitness, aerobics, dancing, jogging, outdoor games, cycling, etc.

At the same time, do not forget about a balanced diet. The combination of aerobic training and a low-carb diet will help you quickly get rid of subcutaneous fat and tighten your body muscles. The main thing is to exercise regularly.

Taking measurements

For the procedure, you need a centimeter tape. If it was not at hand, you can use a cord and a school ruler. We will analyze the main parameters and places of their measurements:

  1. Chest circumference. Stand up straight, straighten your back. Throw a centimeter on your back. The measuring tape should pass along the bottom of the scapular bones, along the latissimus muscles and pectoral nipples. The tension is light, without squeezing the skin. The measurement is performed on exhalation.
  2. Hips. Stand upright, lift one leg up on your toe. To measure the circumference of the hips, it is necessary to press a centimeter in their widest part (upper third, just below the buttocks). Tighten the quadriceps, pull the tape slightly, fix the value. Then measure the thigh muscles on the other leg.
  3. The circumference of the lower leg. Straighten, lift one foot on the toe. Press the measuring centimeter to the widest part of the calf muscle, bring the end to the tape and fix the parameter. Repeat with the other leg.
  4. Girth of shoulders. This issue needs to be clarified. People far from sports mistakenly call the shoulder the main joint of the arm and the muscles that cover it. In fact, the shoulder is the entire upper part of the limb from the edge of the clavicle to the elbow. Therefore, in order to correctly measure the shoulders, you need to freely lower your arms, and then cover the biceps in the middle with a centimeter.
  5. The circumference of the forearm. To begin, bend your elbow at a right angle and squeeze your fingers into a fist. To measure the forearm, it is necessary to attach the tape in its widest place (3-4 cm below the elbow joint).
  6. Biceps Girth. Stand, raise your shoulder to parallel with the floor, bend your arm and tighten your biceps. Throw a centimeter on the upper point of the biceps, measure and repeat with the other hand.
  7. Waist circumference. Straighten, straighten your back. To measure the waist, attach a centimeter to the narrowest part of the body. As a rule, this place is located just above the navel. Exhale but do not draw in your stomach. Lock the value.
  8. Neck circumference. Measure this parameter under the thyroid cartilage of the larynx.
  9. Girth of the pelvis. To determine this indicator, press the tape to the middle of the gluteal muscles and to the upper protruding parts of the femurs.

In addition to the size of the biceps and forearms, some athletes determine the thickness of the wrists. But this indicator is more likely not to track results, but to identify a predisposition to a set of muscle mass.

Previously, many trainers based on the measurement of the carpal bones predicted the success of an athlete in bodybuilding. However, scientific evidence for such a correlation does not exist.

Body fat percentage

This parameter is optional, but no less important than visual volumes. All bodybuilders dream to gain “dry” muscles and burn subcutaneous fat. As a rule, this is impossible due to the characteristics of the human body. Therefore, the main training strategy for most athletes is first an enhanced mass gain (fat, water, muscles), and then strict “drying”, burning out all the excess.

It should be noted that body fat is extremely important for the normal functioning of the body:

  • Firstly, they are an energy reserve for a rainy day.
  • Secondly, they protect internal organs from hypothermia.
  • Thirdly, they accumulate some useful substances.

Extreme reduction in body fat can adversely affect your health. Therefore, professional athletes carry out strict "drying" only during the preparation for the competition.

As a rule, the results in losing weight are evaluated visually. But you can fix the amount of subcutaneous fat with the help of a special device - a caliper.

The principle of the tool is based on determining the thickness of the skin fold. The only minus of the caliper is limited use - the indicators will be reliable only for people with a normal body mass index (18.5–25 kg / m²).

Norms of body fat:

Up to 30 years10–15%12–20%
30–40 years old15–23%16–25%
40-50 years old18–25%22–30%


The tips below will help you measure as accurately as possible:

  • Professional athletes need to measure progress using measurements once a week. This is best done on Friday.
  • Apply a centimeter in the same place. Otherwise, the results will vary.
  • Each parameter should be measured at least three times. This will avoid incorrect indicators.
  • The measurement procedure is best done in the morning on an empty stomach. At this time, the muscles are relaxed and have a natural shape.

Keep a diary to record progress. Record the results of each check in it, as well as attach your own photos. All this will help track muscle growth and will further motivate you to exercise.

Searching and measuring the hip line

To know exactly where the hips line goes, you need to decide on the waistline. A thin rubber band is best suited for this purpose. It needs to be tied at the waist and a bit like it to “sit down”, that is, moved to the narrowest place. This will be the waistline. Now go down from the gum 17-19 centimeters down. This value is called "thigh height." More precisely, it is calculated when constructing a pattern, and now it is not very important.

Next, grasp the hips with a centimeter tape so that it passes through the most convex places. Using a small mirror, standing with his back to the reflection in a large mirror, make sure that the tape runs straight across the buttocks, does not twist and is parallel to the floor line. At the same time, it should not crash too much into the body, but also not hang freely around it. The edges of the tape should overlap in front. In this place and look at the numbers. It must be remembered that the hips of men and women differ in volume, and the widest places can be both above the hip joint and under it.

This should be considered when measuring girth. A large mirror will help to verify that the tape lies on the hips correctly. If this measurement is needed for sewing or choosing spacious clothes, then another 2-2.5 cm should be added to the result and rounded to the nearest whole number. Sometimes the widest place can be under the hips. And to make the pattern the most accurate, you need to take two measurements at once: the girth of the widest part of the buttocks and the girth of the upper thighs. At the same time, to select the clothes or build the drawing, the larger result of the two obtained.

Measure the thigh with a centimeter

Sometimes it is necessary to measure one leg. Before measuring the volume of the thigh, the leg must be placed on a chair and bent at the knee at an angle of 90 degrees. Then grab her five centimeters from the groin. Try to ensure that the muscles are not strained, the tape fits tightly around the leg and does not press. Knowing how to measure the volume of the thigh, you can more accurately build a drawing of trousers, especially tight-fitting models or from elastic stretch fabric.

Body volumes - the circumference of the chest, waist and hips - you need to know not only for the accurate construction of patterns. After all, not every woman knows how to sew. These figures are much more important for buying clothes, especially over the Internet. After all, it is unlikely to be able to return things purchased in this way.

Little conclusion

Those women who are interested in how to measure the volume of the thigh, in order to control the effectiveness of diets and exercise when losing weight, are recommended to do this no more than once a week. And all because the picture for the day can hardly change. And only after a longer period of time, for example a week, will any shifts be noticeable.

The most acute question of how to measure the volume of the thigh arises in the spring, when the fitting of the summer assortment of women's wardrobe, especially swimwear, begins. Then the extra pounds gained on warm winter evenings become noticeable. All the ladies who plan to relax in the summer at sea begin to feverishly look for funds for weight loss, try various diets, sign up for the gym.

At the same time, they regularly measure their magnificent volumes and look with hope at the arrow of the scales. But the main thing is not to overdo it. Even if the results are insignificant, do not despair. You can always find a way out. And in this case, it is enough to choose the right swimsuit and summer things for relaxation.

How to measure the volume of the hips?

What you can use to measure your hips:

  • tape measure,
  • belt or braid
  • ruler
  • marker
  • a large sheet of whatman paper.

Centimeter tape is the most popular and convenient means of measurement. You can purchase it at any sewing supplies store. The main thing is to choose a tape from a rubberized durable material so that it does not stretch.

If it was not possible to find such a convenient object, then you can do without a centimeter tape. For this, a long ribbon or belt is selected. We make sure that the braid does not stretch, and the belt is not too rigid. We mark the point on the selected object with a marker, measure the part of the body that we need, for example, the hips, and make one mark with a marker at the junction of the ribbon. We lay it out on the table and measure the length from point to point with a ruler. That's all, the volume of buttocks is known to us.

Whatman paper is used if, for example, women on the hips have protruding parts (breeches). In this case, a sheet of paper is wrapped tightly around the hips, making sure that the Whatman does not warp and stands strictly upright and mark the points of intersection of the sheet. After they arrive, as with the ribbon, they are laid out and measured with a ruler.

How to measure the volume of the hips?

To get the most accurate measurements, you need to follow a few rules:

    • take measurements while standing in front of a large mirror. This will help you keep track of your actions,
    • if possible, it’s better of course to entrust measurements to the assistant, then the measurements will be perfectly true,
    • take off all clothing except underwear. If you measure your hips without taking off your jeans, then what kind of accuracy can we talk about,
    • stand straight, straightening your back and not straining your buttocks and not pulling in your stomach,
    • move your legs together. If you eat them shoulder width apart, then this will distort the testimony,
    • a centimeter tape should pass strictly horizontally through the most protruding points of the buttocks,
    • make sure that the tape does not twist and is parallel to the floor,
    • Do not stretch the tape too much. It should fit snugly to the body, but not be pressed into the skin,
    • if there is a hanging belly, then a pencil or ruler is attached to it, so that it is exactly perpendicular to the floor.

Measuring the hips, a centimeter tape is carried out taking into account the distance to the hanging pencil.

How to know the size of the buttocks?

So, we now know our girth of the buttocks, or rather the circumference of the hips, or, as is customary to note about. При составлении выкроек для шитья или при выборе одежды в магазине нужно знать свой полуобхват бедер – пОБ. Для этого полученные цифры нужно разделить пополам. Например, у вас объем бедер равен 96 см, значит полуобхват – 96:2=48. Это значит, что при выборе юбки, брюк или платья вам подойдет 48 размер одежды.

Европейские размеры высчитываются немного по-другому. The hips should be multiplied by 0, 397. If the girth is 96 cm, then we get 38, this is your European size.

So, when buying a push up panties or shorts, you will not be mistaken with your size.

How to measure breast volume?

Knowing your chest volume is simply necessary for the selection of a comfortable bra. It is better to measure a breast on a naked body. If the mammary glands do not hold their shape, then it is allowed to measure in a thin, tight-fitting bra without foam inserts.

To find out your breast size, you need to take several measurements:

Girth under the chest. A centimeter tape is tightly applied to the body and is located under the mammary glands strictly parallel to the floor. Here the same rules apply as when taking measurements from the hips. That is, you need to stand upright, without straining or stooping. We do not overtighten the tape and make sure that it does not twist. Measured and recorded the resulting figure.

Chest circumference. The tape runs behind the shoulder blades, and in front along the most prominent points of the mammary glands, that is, along the nipples. You need to stand calmly and relaxed. Exhalation or deep breath measurement will be inaccurate. Recorded.

Now, according to the bra size chart, we determine the one that suits you. Usually the size of the bodice consists of a letter and a number, for example, 75V. So the number 75 means the girth under the chest.

To determine the size of the cup of the bodice, that is, the letter, you need to subtract the size of the circumference under the breast from the size of the chest circumference.

For example, the chest girth is 89 cm, and the girth under the chest is 75 cm. We calculate 89-75 = 14 and look at the finished table: 14 = B. So the bra size will be 75V.

In any case, when choosing underwear, it is better to try on several models, since the same bra size with different cup shapes will sit and look completely different too.

As for the choice of clothes, here we also divide the chest circumference in half and get a suitable size: 89: 2 = 44.5. So we choose blouses and T-shirts in sizes 44-46.

There is still such a measure as the height of the chest. It is measured from the point located on the shoulder at the base of the neck to the nipple. But such a measure in ordinary life, few people can come in handy.

Well, that’s all, my good ones. Now you know how to take measurements from yourself and calculate the appropriate size of linen and clothes. This is nothing complicated. The main thing is not to cheat and not to try to squeeze the buttocks or retract the stomach during measurement. Of course, the numbers will be less, but clothes bought or sewn by such standards will not please you. You will not be able to walk constantly with an inverted stomach. Therefore, more honesty and naturalness. Smack everyone!