Useful Tips

Tips for novice rappers


Make sure you are familiar with the basics of rap. If you still can not rap, then this article is not for you. Find articles on how to master the basics of rap, and then read this article to improve your skills.

Practice makes your sound perfect! Keep practicing rap. Anywhere: in your room, on the street, on the bus - everywhere! The more you practice, the better you will get. Try to read already written texts, compose new ones.

Record everything that happens. Did you get inspiration? Write down at least something that comes to your mind right away. Record ideas - this will help to compose texts. In addition, this way you can always expand your vocabulary and experiment with different rhymes.

Be original. Do not repeat what other rappers do and say. Try to create something new that has not yet been mentioned by anyone else. If you can distinguish yourself from other rappers, it will definitely attract more listeners.

Analyze the creativity of other rappers. Read more about legendary rappers like Tupac, Biggie, etc. Find out what they did to succeed. Try to listen to them and imitate different chips, but do not copy other rappers, be yourself.

Take a look around. Look at your old texts and think about what you can do to improve them. Rate your texts and try to redo them if necessary. Each text should contain something important and be well designed.

Write texts about the right things. If you look at successful rappers, you will notice that they write about significant things. Try to convey to the audience the whole point of your text. Try writing about common problems and issues, important events, and daily observations.

Get freestyle. This will help you improve your skills. If you can come up with texts, sitting long and hard on the spot, most likely you will be able to do it somewhere at home or on the street.

Listen to yourself. Record your rap, listen and analyze what you are doing right and what you should work on.

Ask others to help you. Friends or relatives can listen to your rap and tell you what needs to be worked on, what needs to be fixed. They can give practical advice and help.

Be honest. Never steal from other rappers their rhymes and lyrics. Be yourself, have your own opinion about everything in the world. Try to express in rap all that is important to you. Stay true to yourself and try your best to succeed. If you do not work on your texts and come up with something new, in the end you will most likely become an ordinary upstart that no one wants to listen to.

After the text is ready, read it to someone close to you, let them comment on your style, rhyme, meaning and everything else. If you want to attract more fans, you need to find a way to spread your rap.

Success Requirements

A good rapper has developed lungs. Thanks to this, you can easily pronounce a long text without pausing. To develop the lungs, you need to run, swim. Try holding your breath for a couple of minutes. Impeccable diction is also required. In this genre, one must quickly read poetic forms. If the words are not pronounced very clearly, then the listener does not understand what the rapper is talking about. For the development of diction, you can turn to tongue twisters.

It is important to use your voice correctly. It is necessary to change the timbre, lower and increase the tone, add hoarseness to the voice. To make the introduction sound emotional and beautiful, you must be able to speak softly, slowly. It is important to understand the capabilities of the voice, developing its ability to the maximum.

It is difficult to become a successful performer if you do not have charisma. Work with the audience is an integral part of the performance. To enhance the effect of the text, the rapper uses facial expressions, eyes, gestures, he also creates an internal energy message. It is important to achieve complete emancipation on the stage. The public must be fascinated by you! Among other things, you need to understand the trends, that is, to know which topics are the most relevant, interesting for people. One must imagine the difference between a good text and a fake, superficial, stupid one.

Initial stage of training

First of all, you need to study the terminology that is used in rap. You can understand what is written on thematic sites, what magazines and articles are about. You will need to study the works of stars recognized by all in this genre. Check out the articles on MC technique, performance style. You can write exercises that allow you to develop diction, to engage in daily hourly.

You cannot become a rapper without a sense of rhythm. Turn on the song and speak the text with the artist. Try to hit the tempo of the track exactly. After you can repeat poems for rappers, start developing artistic presentation. Use gestures, facial expressions. To learn this, you need to watch videos with the performances of popular artists. Learn sophisticated reading techniques to make your style look beautiful.

Various tricks

If you are interested in how to learn to rap, be sure to pay attention to the rhythm of the text. Many experts criticize Russian-language rap because of the active use of "square" rhymes by performers. This means that the text is clearly superimposed on certain pieces of music. Each measure (four bits) is voiced by four lines of text. This technique is practiced by beginners, however, in the case of professional masters, such a technique is inappropriate. An important requirement for them is the ability to create rhymes that begin and end after or before the final beat. Masters know how to stretch and “chop off” words, and use other methods.

There are various techniques that modern rappers use. For example, this:
- DoubleTime,
- FastFlow.
With such methods, texts are read one and a half to two times faster than the bit rate. Also in this case, slight acceleration / deceleration of individual syllables is performed.

A very complicated technique is the Taung Twist technique. It means that the rapper repeatedly repeats parts of words.

A technique called trioli involves the use of the above techniques. At the same time, the performer reads the text, “breaking” it, doing it emotionally, interestingly.

There are several tricks that are relevant to writing text. For example, the Spelling method means that not only words that are suitable for rhyme are used, but also various expressions with bright colors. The author uses a "proprietary" technique, which involves a pun. Important for the modern genre is the term “punchline”. The rapper using it puts a semantic emphasis on the phrase that goes at the end of the square. Most often, a comparative text rotation is used.

What should a beginner rapper do?

A newcomer to rap should use different intonations when pronouncing the text. It is necessary to read, reaching a peak, then moving downward. You can pronounce the text in waves, that is, one line - up, and the second - down. It is important to feel the tonality of the composition, emphasizing it during performance. You need to get acquainted with the basics of musical theory, listen to tracks in which there is a different tonality.

Remember the importance of backing vocals when recording your composition. Such vocals make the work colorful, add atmosphere to it. To handle backing vocal occurrences, you can use a program such as SoundForge.

Before you go on stage, you need to sing. It is necessary to sing the sound “A” on a low note, as in the therapist’s office. It should sound even. Then increase the key by singing the “E” sound. On a higher note, sing “AND.” Then a low “O” is sung, even lower than “U”. Such a chant is a great way to prepare the ligaments for the concert!