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Housewarming: signs, customs and traditions


Have you ever been invited to a housewarming party and didn't know what to bring with you as a gift? Most people bring food and drinks that are suitable for the party, but you can bet that few people thought that you could bring a traditional gift list for the occasion or, even more, know what they mean. Modern housewarming originates from the traditional Christmas Eve, that is, pie night. Among Norwegians, this is part of the 12 days of Christmas. Traditional housewarming gifts are given equally to men and women. The more these gifts are homemade, the better, in order to ensure greater success and wealth in the coming year.

Red corner, cat and rooster

So, housewarming! The signs, customs and traditions associated with him came to us from the distant past. It was believed that the first one to enter the house will be the first to leave him, so it was decided that the oldest man in the family should enter the new dwelling before anyone else, who would thus sacrifice himself to the pagan gods. When Christianity supplanted paganism, this custom became more humane, and instead of the eldest in the family, the cat was first let into the new house and left it there for a while. The place where the cat fell asleep was considered light, and it was there that they arranged a "red corner" in which the icons and the lamp were placed. Why a cat, not a cat? The answer is simple: in view of the feline features of behavior, cats mark corners and furniture, and these traces of crime have a very specific smell, which is very difficult to remove.

Instead of a cat, the main character, who had the role of a “pioneer”, was a rooster. He was associated with fire and a hearth. The rooster was launched into the house, where he was supposed to expel all lurking evil spirits with loud crowing. After the rooster conducted the “act of exorcism”, its fate was predetermined: it was cooked jelly (aka jelly) and treated all the guests who came for a housewarming party. Signs, customs and beliefs associated with people and liveliness ended there, and ceremonies aimed at otherworldly forces were used.

Milk and sweets lover

The true keeper of the house is considered to be none other than a brownie. Moreover, if a rooster in a city apartment is found exclusively in soup, then a brownie is a very common phenomenon. This is a good spirit, which considers itself the owner of the home, his duty is to help the family with whom he shares his territory. If the house-keeper does not like something, for example, unwashed dishes or a dirty floor, he begins to arrange "demonstrations" with the lights out and the loss of various things, such as keys, a mobile phone and a wallet. In addition, the brownie does not tolerate when family members quarrel with each other, and if this happens, does not let him sleep at night, making various sounds.

To greet the brownie, he needs to leave something tasty on the plate, such as sweets or cookies, and pour a glass of milk, to which he is a great hunter! His favorite thing is a broom (they say that he often hides behind him, watching his wards). Therefore, the broom should always be clean and not tousled.

To strengthen the protection, an icon must be brought into the new house, which together with the house will protect the household from all evil.

Modern magic

What to do to those who do not believe in brownie, and on the nose - housewarming? Signs, customs and traditions associated with moving to a new home do not have to be based on religion or long-standing beliefs.

To live happily in the new house, first of all you need to open all the windows wide open and let in more fresh air. After that, you need to unscrew all the taps for at least a few minutes. Running water will wash away all the negative, and fresh air will bring clean energy. The last (control!) Blow to evil spirits - candles lit throughout the house and cheerful music. All this will envelop the home with a bright aura and fill it with joy and happiness.

Bread, and salt. cake!

If a lot of guests are expected for the holiday (housewarming), then the owners need to make sure that, in addition to the richly laid table, the house should have enough bread and salt, because this is the first thing that guests should be treated with. Bread and salt have long been considered a symbol of wealth, which must be shared with others. Guests who have come to congratulate the happy owners of new housing on a housewarming party should bring sweet rolls with them so that the hospitable house never becomes impoverished and is always a full bowl. By the way, instead of buns, it’s quite possible to bring a cake - for housewarming, it certainly will not be in excess!

Presentation Variations

And, of course, it's worth talking about gifts separately. As a rule, entering the house to the new settlers, they need to give something that is somehow useful in the household:

  • kitchen utensils (cutting boards, containers for spices, beautiful banks for storing bulk products),
  • household appliances (yogurt maker, coffee grinder, blender, mixer, bread machine, microwave oven, kitchen scale, fondue set),
  • utensils (plates, salad bowls, a tea set, glasses, a candy bowl, a container for honey, baking dishes, a set for sushi),
  • textiles (tablecloth, beautiful potholders, napkins, bedclothes, set of towels, door mat),
  • decor (paintings, photo frames, watches, figurines, cushions, photo albums, sconces).

There is a joke in every present

In addition to the traditional ones, you can give comic housewarming gifts, for example, a satellite dish, an antenna for the future 3D TV or a set of trempels, whose task is to keep a collection of fur coats on your "shoulders", which will certainly appear at the friendly hostess at home.

In addition, newcomers will surely like an alarm clock that will not let them oversleep their happiness, or a bell that calls all households to the table, and computer lovers will appreciate a laptop table or mouse pad.

And money is happiness

More recently, giving money for a housewarming party was not accepted, but modern life has made its own adjustments to this custom, and finances can be a wonderful gift, especially for young couples who are just starting a life together. Making a cash gift is simple: just put the bills in a beautiful cardboard house or in a casket.

Traditional gifts

First of all, it is worth taking into account the size of the apartment, the status of the housing (purchased property or rented), the type of housing (house, apartment, townhouse). Not unimportant factors are also the age of the owners, their preferences and marital status. After analyzing these points, you can immediately discard inappropriate options and focus on the main thing.

There are things that are universal and appropriate in any situation.

A traditional housewarming gift is:

  • Charm for the house. Based on religion and beliefs, these are icons, some ritual things, figurines of brownies, various incense.
  • Pie or loaf. The tradition of meeting guests with bread and salt is known to all. But guests can thank the hostess and bring something flour to the table. Such a gift symbolizes wealth and prosperity in the house.
  • Kitchen utensils. They are so diverse that you can always pick up something you need and suitable. This can be a set of cutting boards, pots, kettle, baking sets, etc.
  • Cutlery. A good, high-quality set will undoubtedly please any housewife. According to signs, it is impossible to give sharp objects (knives, forks). You can get around this by asking for a small coin in return. So the gift is considered purchased.
  • Textile items. It is important to choose those that are suitable for the interior: tablecloths, bedspreads, rugs, towels.
  • Glasses, wine glasses. A beautiful set of unusual glasses or a set suitable for the hosts favorite drink will be a great option.
  • Service. A familiar gift, but at the same time, the right one. Having agreed with other guests, it will be possible to assemble a large set from different services, but the same design services.
  • Appliances for the kitchen. These are practical things that are always necessary in the house: microwave, mixer, blender, toaster.
  • Small household appliances. The market annually offers many new products; it’s easy to choose the right model.
  • Clock. Any of their varieties: wall, floor or table.
  • Decor Difficulty in getting to the taste of the owners and their vision of the interior. Such a gift should be chosen only with full confidence in its necessity.
  • Lighting. This is not only a sconce or a table lamp. A set of LED lamps will also appeal to many.
  • Male tool. It is always necessary for newcomers: to drill a wall, to make minor repairs. The tool can be both manual (screwdrivers, saws, hammers), and electric (drill, screwdriver).
  • Furniture. It is better to choose neutral but necessary little things: poufs, coffee tables, shoe racks.
  • Carpets The choice is wide - from the rug to the bathroom to the carpet paths and full-size carpets.
  • Curtains. The original present will be a photocurtain. As a universal option: tulle, roller blinds, blinds.
  • Items for storage. These include sets of boxes, organizers, wardrobe trunks. When giving them, you can immediately fill them with little things for the home: paper, napkins, sponges, and more.
  • Linens. If the color of the walls in the bedroom is already known, then picking up a kit will not be difficult. It will suit both a single person and a married couple. Excluding the interior, pillows and a blanket are selected.
  • Certificate. The owner, at his request, will choose the thing he likes. You can give a certificate for the services of a designer.
  • A houseplant in a beautiful flower pot is an inexpensive, symbolic housewarming gift.

Household appliances as a gift

The choice is huge, and allows you to find the right option for the cost and purpose of the device. Young people will truly appreciate the modern, multi-functional and original home gadget. Among these may be noted:

  • Vacuum cleaner robot. Useful for busy people or pet owners. It is suitable for all surfaces, makes dry and wet cleaning.
  • Kitchen Scale SkyScales 741S. They will be appreciated by people who monitor their weight. The peculiarity is that the gadget not only shows the weight of the product, but also its calorie content, and also synchronizes with the smartphone.
  • Electric clothes dryer "Dadget MT4111." The device is compact, when folded it fits in any cabinet. At the same time, it dries not only clothes, but also shoes,
  • KIT MT8060 air quality monitor. Will show the level of humidity, pollution and other parameters.
  • Slow cooker Delonghi FH1394.W. Save space and perform the function of several devices at once: air grill, deep fryer, yogurt maker and oven,
  • Massager for legs GESS Bolide 340. Suitable for those whose work is associated with long standing.
  • GESS Bolide 340 air purifier. The gadget is equipped with intelligence, works in 4 modes and is controlled from a mobile phone.
  • Automatic window cleaner. This robot is relevant for residents of high floors, as well as for owners of panoramic glazing.
  • Aqua farm V 2.0. An object that serves as a source of fresh greenery and as an element of decor. In a small aquarium below you can settle a fish.
  • Door peephole with monitor. It has the function of recording images, transmitting sound through the door and viewing on a mobile phone.
  • Dosimeter GreenTest ECO. The gadget measures the level of nitrates in fruits and vegetables, shows the hardness of the water.
  • Non-contact thermometer Medisana FTN. Shows temperature using infrared radiation. Suitable for measuring body temperature, as well as other items and products (for example, baby food).
  • The device to turn off the iron is the “Forgotten Iron” by Brenin. It is inserted into any outlet and turns off the power after a certain time.
  • Somabar cocktail mixing device. Will prepare both an alcoholic drink and one without alcohol.
  • Food waste chopper. It allows you to throw all the organic waste directly into the sink, it is installed on any model of siphon.

Based on the donor’s budget, one can choose not only an expensive electronic model, but also its mechanical counterpart. Many of them also cope with the declared functions.

Gifts for interior and comfort

It so happens that the gift of close friends gets to the point so much that it becomes the beginning of the transformation in the house, sets the motive for the whole interior. As such decor items can be:

  • Lightbox. This is a photo frame, which is also an additional source of light. It contains any photo: a portrait of the owner, friends or abstract images. Lightbox can have absolutely any shape and color.
  • Original plaid colors and sofa cushions with funny photos or images of friends. For a single person, a hug-pillow will be a surprise, pregnant women will also appreciate it.
  • Picture or panel. Especially if these home decoration items are written and made by the guest on their own. If you have the talent and effort, you will get a wonderful work of authorship as a keepsake. A picture is what it is customary to give for housewarming.
  • Electric fireplace. He will turn a modest apartment into a cozy chalet. The fireplace is completely fireproof and does not take up much space; it is placed close to the wall or furniture.
  • Chair bag or other frameless furniture. It is convenient to relax, read a book or play a console with friends.

Gifts for different rooms

If there are many options, but it’s not enough to dwell on one thing, then you should choose the room where the gift is intended. For each of the rooms there is a whole set of presentations that will please the new settlers. Among them, it will be possible to choose what to present to a young family for housewarming.

Such presentations are designed to facilitate cooking and expand opportunities:

  • "Smart" little things for the kitchen from the company Eva Solo. The range is surprisingly diverse and unusual: a grater bucket, a stand for cutlery and a smartphone, a special carafe Drip-Free, an organizer for capsules with coffee, an exquisite teapot in an elegant, knitted case, a charcoal room grill.
  • Ozonator of water, as well as food and air Dream Ozonator.
  • Set for cleaning vegetables. It includes brushes of different sizes, a device for cleaning mushrooms, a knife-piller, a fork for hot foods, brushes for cleaning pots, rags made of copper.
  • Vacuum sealer with heat treatment capability Sous vide Dream Modern.
  • Melanger Dream Classic. This appliance is necessary for making pasta from whole cocoa beans.

This is a special room that combines convenience for one person and for a noisy group of friends. The following gifts will complement her:

  • Acoustic system. It consists of various components, it can be wireless, with an original design, floor and compact. It all depends on the capabilities of the donor and the size of the living room.
  • Organizer for Float Magazines. This stylish element will not only decorate a minimalist interior, but will also contain up to 12 magazines.
  • Big lava lamp. It gives cosiness to the room and softly illuminates it. It is especially useful in winter, cool evenings.
  • Aquarium organizer. A small fish will settle in such a device, and also the necessary stationery trifles will be placed on the desktop. The aquarium is powered by USB, it includes a weather station and a table lamp.
  • Illuminated decorative fountain. Such an element of decor catches the eye and fascinates with the flickering lights.
  • Bar in the form of a large, outdoor globe in vintage style. It will fit all your favorite alcohol, and you can drink a glass without going far. When the lid is opened, a small table is formed.
  • Ottoman. This piece of furniture is not only a stylish accent, but also an indispensable element of evening relaxation on an armchair or sofa.

Everything that is necessary for a comfortable rest and sleep is best left to the owners of the house to choose. This question is too individual. As a gift, decor items or beautiful textiles are suitable:

  • Umbra jewelery keeper. The owner of a rich collection of jewelry or bijouterie will enjoy such a gift.
  • Bed linens with a 3D pattern.
  • The projector of waves with a sound effect "Blue Lagoon". This lamp will help you relax and turn your bedroom into a real spa.
  • High pile bedside rugs.
  • Aromatization Humidifier AIC Ultransmit.


The easiest and cheapest option is a set of rugs or organizers for storage. If the budget allows, then as a gift you can present more stylish items:

  • Shelf-stand for taking a bath. It will house a book, a glass of tea or wine, fruits, candles and everything else that the hostess wishes. The best choice for a gift for a girlfriend.
  • FINCH Liquid Soap Dispenser. To receive a portion of soap, it is enough to bring a hand to the sensor.
  • Installing a colored stretch ceiling. Present this service in the form of a certificate. Color and pattern are at the discretion of the owner.
  • Curtain for a bathroom with a voluminous pattern, an unusual print and a mat in tone - cool housewarming gifts.
  • A bag or set of Brabantia modular drawers for storing dirty laundry. The system is compact and allows you to sort fabrics according to the peculiarities of washing.

При выборе подарка для этого помещения важно учитывать размеры. В некоторых квартирах зона настолько мала, что пуф или вместительная обувница будут не лучшим вариантом. Универсальным презентом станут:

  • Набор органайзеров Stream. В него входит две панели, которые компонуются в несколько вариантов. На их поверхности есть держатели для ключей, термометр, гигрометр.
  • Хранитель мелочей для прихожей Umbra. Представляет собой навесную полочку с несколькими отсеками для квитанций, телефона, очков и других мелочей. На боковой поверхности — откидные крючки.
  • Door mat with a funny inscription or print.
  • Organizer for scarves and hats.
  • Portable shoe rack.
  • Holder for umbrellas.
  • Floor mirror with compact folding function.
  • Housekeeper.
  • Shoe horn made of wood or brass.
  • Set for cleaning and care of shoes in a beautiful case.

Gifts for a private home

Many gifts are suitable for the housewarming party in an apartment, and in a private house. However, there are a number of items that are appropriate exclusively in your home. What gifts are given for housewarming to friends, owners of their home:

  • Music Fire grill with ceramic worktop. One load holds as much as 3 kg of meat. The device is multifunctional and replaces barbecue, barbecue, tandoor, oven and smokehouse.
  • Tula samovar. His models are electric or coal.
  • Vintage garden wall clock.
  • Safety Sensors Elgato Eve Door & Window. They are placed on a window or door, compatible with all Apple devices.
  • The GreenWeen splitter is an alternative to a conventional ax. It will be useful to owners of a stove, fireplace or bath. Packaging in the form of a tube will provide convenient storage.
  • Electronic lock Samsung SHS-H705 / 5230. Opens the door with the fingerprint of the owner. The system recognizes up to 100 owners.
  • Set of garden rattan furniture.
  • Figures for the garden, solar-powered lamps.
  • Hammock or garden swing.
  • Frame or inflatable pool.

Gifts for those who have everything

Such people will be pleased with a new gadget that makes life easier, or a stylish item for the interior. What to buy for housewarming for people who have everything:

  • Multicooker SkyCooker CBD100S with remote control via smartphone. She immediately has 2 bowls, which means that the cooking process will be even faster.
  • Compact weather station Netatmo Urban Weather Station. In fact, this is the sensor itself. He transfers all the data to the smartphone.
  • Smart mattress Hilding IQ X-Pro.
  • Unusual heated towel rail.
  • Bidet Daewon Dib-c850R with advanced functionality.

The most original housewarming gifts

A gift does not have to be expensive. Many things are so original and chosen with a soul that the new owners are completely delighted with them. What can you give for housewarming, original and inexpensive:

  • Alarm clock with backlight and a board on which you can leave your notes.
  • 3D Nightlight Star Wars R2D2. All Star Wars fans will appreciate it.
  • Manual kitchen grinder Kitchen King Pro.
  • A shower head with a backlight that changes color depending on the temperature of the water.
  • Ultrasonic humidifier in an unusual design.
  • An original housewarming gift - home slippers with heating. Powered by USB.
  • Stylish breadbox Brabantia.
  • Nightlight "Family Hearth" with individual engraving.
  • Set of marked Index cutting boards.
  • Breakfast table in bed.

Gift for housewarming in the office

What do they give for a housewarming firm or commercial organization? When choosing, it is worth considering the specifics of the organization. Some gifts are universal and suitable for any company and enterprise:

  • devices for a tea break and coffee break: kettle, thermal sweat, coffee maker,
  • dishes: cups, saucers, glasses for wine,
  • large plant
  • clock: floor or wall,
  • organizers for office supplies.

Hand made gifts

It is appropriate to give these to the closest people. A do-it-yourself gift for a housewarming party is a part of the giver's soul. The emphasis should be on those crafts and talents that work best. Among the most popular options are:

  • Pet. According to signs, the cat is a symbol of housewarming. A real animal is not always appropriate, and its home-made analogue is a great replacement. It can be a soft toy made by hand, a figurine, a pillow, a picture.
  • Bouquet or topiary. Not only flowers can become components. The material of manufacture is limited only by imagination.
  • Caskets, organizers, boxes. Decorating them is worth considering the interior,
  • Lamp or garland of thread balls.
  • Patchwork style plaid. And also tablecloths, panels, bedspreads.

Choosing a high-quality, welcome and suitable housewarming gift is a simple task. The main thing is to approach the issue with a soul and a desire to please the new owners.

New Year in a new house

And if a housewarming happens just before the New Year, then to please the owners of the house with a gift is as simple as Christmas tree garlands blinking with colorful sparkles merrily will be very useful in the household! In addition, you can give Christmas decorations, figures of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, knitted snowmen and other New Year's decor. A good gift will be napkin rings, an ice bucket for a bottle of champagne, and beautiful candlesticks.

In a word, if a housewarming is planned, signs, customs and traditions should not be left aside, and the celebration of this joyful event together with dear guests should not be neglected. This is a great occasion not only to get the things you need in the household, but also to have a good start in your new life! Be sure to celebrate a rare and such a bright holiday - housewarming, and life will become more colorful and brighter!