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Traveling by car: how to survive a long journey


The long road gets on your nerves not in kilometers or time, but in a monotonous landscape and inaction. Everyone who was to spend a lot of time on the train or bus must have been tormented by the question of what to do during a long trip. There are actually many options. Just not everyone comes to mind :) Why? Remember the proverb about straws and the time when you need to litter it? We do not think that there will be mortal longing.

So we advise you to attend to the problem in advance. The main thing to remember is that time on the road depends only on us. No one forbids taking a gadget with several thousand songs or with a dozen feature films. Although this can be annoying. It is better to pick up 2-3 different leisure options. We offer popular, but you choose.

Things to do on a trip

It’s worth starting with the most important thing. Do not guess? You need to plan your trip in advance. Find out how much time you have to spend on the road. If you have to sit on the train, then figure out where there will be long stops. Look on the map, what kind of settlements, whether there are shops, services, attractions. Traveling by car involves about the same train of thought. Just worth a look and the hotels.

Be sure to install applications that let you know the location of various institutions. Not only cafes or gas stations, but hospitals, police departments, fire departments. This knowledge will not be superfluous. You can use any gadget - smartphone, tablet or laptop. Car recorders give less information. By the way, take care of paying for the Internet. There is good news - there will be no internal roaming from September!

TIP. Look at souvenir shops on the route. By visiting such establishments, you can make good gifts to relatives and friends. Moreover, this is a cool memory of the trip.

So let's go!

  • Reading while traveling. The most popular activity on the road. Only chur is not driving! In a car, train or plane - that’s it. If you are driving in a car as a passenger, you can read the same thing ... for example, classics, for whom there was no time at all :) Do not upload reading matter to your smartphone. The font is too small, but when moving, it’s generally dark. You can use a tablet from 7 ”or buy an e-book. The latest gadget is the best option. Less load on vision, and management is more convenient. You can take a couple of paper books with you or buy some magazines at the station. If you take something highly specialized - for coders, car owners or gardeners - time will pass not only quickly, but also with benefit.
  • Making plans or keeping a diary. There is nothing surprising in this venture. When else to plan a repair or a major purchase? We take a notebook or a general notebook and recall the past year. We analyze, write down what needs to be done, what to buy. You will be surprised how quickly time flies :) Here we also take posts on social networks. After all, how much of the curious can be seen through the window, but on a personal car we will also stop for a better look.
  • Drawing. Occupation is not for everyone, unfortunately. Although you can draw with a pencil on the sheet and not knowing how to draw. The truth is a long crush is not enough. But if you have the makings, we get the perfect way to take time anywhere. You can draw at the airport, train station or train. The car is not so comfortable, and there is too much attention on board the aircraft. If there is no skill, but there is a desire, download coloring pages for adults and draw on health :)

  • Listening to music. The charm of a long journey, just in monotony. Attention is not distracted by anything, and even familiar works sound different. Try to download not only your favorite things, but also new albums, both by famous artists and unusual for you. Suddenly like it?
  • Games in the car. Naturally, not only in the car :) Solitaire can be played both on the train, on the plane, and on the ship. There are so many games - bastard, cities, associations, tanks, sea battle, the gallows - all can not be listed. But you can play for several hours in a row. Those who wish can take checkers, chess or backgammon with them. Moreover, you can buy a set of three in one. Do not forget about gadgets. Install your favorite toys on your smartphone or tablet and have fun. And there are a variety of crosswords and puzzles. In general, everyone will be able to pick up an interesting lesson.

  • Watching films. If you rummage through the network and remember the films that you wanted to watch, you can have fun. We use a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Any gadget will do. Just do not forget the headphones - why bother others. By the way, you can increase the intellectual level :) Download documentaries or educational films on topics of interest. Spend time to good use.
  • Understand personal folders on laptops and other gadgets. We will not tell you how much junk is stored in user folders. Everyone knows for himself. We constantly postpone the cleaning event indefinitely. Now we have no time, then sorry for the old, then safely forget about it. This is the trip and will provide an opportunity to understand on the desktop, with documents, photos and other "necessary" folders. There is time to view, listen and organize information. Pay attention to gigabytes of photos - a stopudovo quarter is of poor quality, a quarter is not clear what portrays :)
  • Professional development. Free time is a good occasion to refresh knowledge of a foreign language or to learn a new one. Naturally, even in 10 hours you won’t be able to become Italian or Spanish. But this is not necessary. The main thing to start, then it will be easier. Download tutorials is not a problem. Are you a programmer, car mechanic, accountant or analyst? We take educational news, specialized magazines and study with us.

DO YOU KNOW ... that until the 19th century, travel was not an entertainment? Merchants and the military crossed the seas and continents in order to study the nature, customs of the local population and the availability of natural resources. There was no other way to know the world around. The last great journeys can be considered expeditions of Stanley, Livingstone and Przhevalsky.

  • What to do on a trip to the sea? Work :) Laughter with laughter, but as long as the worker has not sunk out, you can quickly clear documents, plan events. And if you are a freelancer, God himself ordered me to work on a trip. Yes, vacation, yes, we go to the sea, and rest. So what? There is nothing to do anyway, and time can be saved ... for the future. Then we will indulge in buns at work once again.
  • Acquaintance with fellow travelers. This method is not for driving a personal car. On the plane, the same is not very good, except to meet people nearby. But it’s very good on the train, especially in the reserved seat car :) It happens that you meet such colorful personalities that you wonder. By the way, fate can wrap up so that you will meet a new business partner, a good friend or a future spouse. But this is to the maximum. And so ... you quickly find out where you are going, what's interesting there and the rest of the info.
  • Thoughts and dreams. A peculiar way to kill time. It’s not suitable for everyone - active nature can’t just sit and indulge in thoughts ... especially dreams. But part of the trip, you can take this. Break-in of new ideas, preliminary planning of a new trip, rethinking of actions and decisions. When else is there time to think calmly?

  • Observation The road is usually monotonous. It is rarely possible to observe sweeping landscapes without boredom and gloom. Another thing is fellow travelers. Take a look around - the age of fellow travelers, nationality, behavior, especially appearance. Remember the famous characters - Holmes, Poirot and others. Weak to play detective? Determine, without speaking a profession, social status. An interesting lesson that not only brightens up time, but also develops observation, understanding of people.
  • Call your parents. Not the fact that a call to friends or relatives will take you for a long time. Parents are another matter, especially if they have not seen or called up for a long time. It's time to find out how you are doing, the latest family news. And gossip will help dispel boredom.
  • Sleep is the best thing on the train. And not only ... you can sleep on the plane, on the ship, in the car. There would be a desire :) The main thing is not to oversleep the stop if you are traveling by train.

Travel Tips

We talked about how to take time ... a lot of time. But sometimes a one-hour trip exhausts no less. We offer several solutions that will be appropriate for short trips.

  • Intimate talk. A trip with relatives or friends will allow you to discuss common matters, problems and plans for the future. But an unfamiliar travel companion can become an excellent conversationalist. After all, we have so many common themes - politics, government, oligarchs and gas prices. J In general, conversations "for life" coolly shorten the way.
  • Travel notes. So we figuratively called local attractions. Think about how well you know the area you have lived for many years. What is the name of the river that you cross about an hour after leaving? How many bridges do you have to cross? We take a notebook and write down the name of villages, rivulets and other notable features of the landscape. You can take photos of particularly interesting places.
  • What can I do on a trip? For example, to sing ... solo or in chorus :) And why not? If you have common preferences, it can turn out very cool. By the way, this way you can take children of any age.
  • A trip with children can turn into a uniform nightmare. The adult endured somewhere, somewhere dozed off ... in general, tried to behave within the framework. Guys can not sit in one place for a long time. We'll have to captivate them with something. You can play different games, draw, read or teach to photograph.

A trip by car in many cases is more advantageous than a train, but it’s not always faster. You open the "maps", and there are solid traffic jam icons - road works and accidents. But many of us prefer not to depend on public transport and get on a personal car. Well, or take a "transfer". And here we stand in traffic. What to do? What to do with yourself?

  • There is such a psychological technique - affirmation. The method is quite simple and reliable, but, most importantly, effective. Affirmations are aimed at raising the mood and adjusting self-esteem. Do not choose the first slogan that comes across. Need a positive thought. For example, “I have an interesting journey ahead” or “On the road I will see a lot of new things that will help me in the future” and so on.
  • Snack. Yes, yes, it is light or not very snacking that will help brighten up the painful expectation. It may be something useful, such as fruits or vegetables. You can take sandwiches or a hand-made burrito. The choice is yours, but the "delicious" must itself be requested in the mouth.

  • This method is for women, but it’s also useful for us to know what you can do for the dear half :) Unobtrusively advise you to do makeup or hairstyle. Type disheveled in the wind or lipstick on one side worn off. A long occupation. You see, the traffic jam is over, and the spouse is not ready yet.
  • If long standing in a traffic jam is expected, then charging will work well. For a long time you cannot sit even in the most comfortable seat. Need to warm up definitely. And here, as ordered. Knead your neck, shoulders, back and legs. You do not need to invent exercises, a well-known warm-up from the school physical education course is enough.
  • Anti-stress toys are the best things to do on a trip. Especially in traffic. Buy a couple of these products and think about your health. While relieving stress, time will fly by. Anything is better than cursing and getting nervous.

INTERESTING. In the Middle Ages, there was such a term in Russian literature - walking or walking. The style resembled a kind of travel notes. In this vein, travelers recorded their own impressions of the surrounding reality: peoples, nature, social structure, customs and so on. The basis of the style was laid by the pilgrims to the holy places. In the future, the style was adopted by travelers.

  • Disassemble a bag or glove box in a car. The last action is relevant if you are moving in your own car. Remember the last time you put things in order in the glove compartment, on a shelf in the back? So there was a happy opportunity :) to get rid of trash.
  • Surfing the web. Standing in traffic is a great opportunity to view the announcements of cinemas, theaters and other entertainment venues. Girlfriend has long been asking for the premiere? Seize the moment - order tickets. Then forget it.

Threat. Most of the methods discussed are known, but from this they do not become less effective. We hope that reading the material will help to survive a long trip. Stay with us on business and leisure. Good luck

To travel by car

Traveling is great! Thanks to trips to other countries, cities and even small cozy villages, the body is filled with inexplicable energy and a charge of positive emotions.

When visiting new places, travelers get a portion of inspiration and new acquaintances as a bonus. And why are long walks along the beautiful streets and tasting new dishes!

In general, which side do not go, travel is cool.

In addition to the most common way of travel, which is a flight, there are many other options (by the way, more budget).

So, a train, a ship (romance, and nothing more!) And, of course, a car will be an excellent alternative to an airplane. In addition to the obvious advantages of traveling on their wheels, there are also minor disadvantages that can complicate the trip or even spoil the mood.

To get to your destination vigorous and in a good mood, take note of the following points.