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How to protect a private home from intruders: top 10 tips


The best defense method, in our opinion, which, however, is not everywhere and not accessible to everyone, is a contract with a security organization, for example, the FSUE Okhrana police structure. If this method is not available to you or you, say, do not really trust such organizations, then what is written below will help you get along on your own.

Home Security

Most crackers work during the day, as do you and I. And they decide whether to rob your house based on their assessment of the complexity of the task: is it easy to rob you or is it better to go to your neighbors. And the most effective protective measures are precisely those that convince the criminal to go robbing somewhere else.

10 methods you can use

Make friends with your neighbors. Do not fence off them with a high fence, but use a wire mesh or a low picket fence to distinguish between them. Communicate with them personally, find common interests or problems. Just don’t talk about Krymnash and similar topics, otherwise you risk acquiring an enemy instead of a friend. The general concern for your safety will not only allow you to keep abreast of everything that happens in the district, but also allows you to include your neighbors in the list of those “technologies” that monitor your home. A retired neighbor who is constantly spying on you from behind the curtains of his window will turn from annoying trouble into a video surveillance system. Especially if he has your phone number and you like him. Neighbors are even better than dogs. Speaking of dogs ...

Get a dog. Not a little dog, but a real watchful beast, which does not disdain to live on a street in a kennel and adores only you and your family, and not the whole world (except for cats, of course). Even the barking of a serious dog that a potential cracker hears because of your fence will force him to reconsider his plans and go somewhere else.

The dog will be the best helper in protecting your property

Close windows and doors. Even if you think your area is safe, make it a habit to close all locks and latches. Criminals often check at home, simply knocking on the door and, if no one answers, trying to open it. Close doors and windows, even doors from the house to the garage adjacent to it (or a barn, a farmyard, a winter garden or whatever else you may have).

Fool criminals. If, for example, for some reason you cannot get a dog, pretend that you have one. Hang the Caution, Angry Dog sign (or two) on the entry gate and rear gate. And when someone tries to enter your door when you are at home, depict a sketch of locking a dog in a room before opening the door. Or buy a device that makes a dog bark at your signal. These are already on sale.

Install fake camcorders. Basically, these things are not very cheap and their price depends on the quality of workmanship, i.e. quality imitation of functioning. But you can buy for 5-6 US dollars (for example, in Amazon). The only problem here is that delivery will become more expensive for the cameras themselves, but if you look at the Chinese, you can probably solve this annoying problem.

Fake cctv camera

Stick the sticker of the local security organization on the gate or window. For example, FSUE "Protection". Better yet, when such a sticker will be accompanied by a box with a blinking LED, such as the one that is usually set by a security organization to control arming. Just make sure that the attacker could not get it and make sure that you are deceiving it.

Sticker FSUE Security

At the time of departure, make sure that the house seems residential. Set timers (or specialized devices, they are not so expensive) that will turn on the light in the house in the evening according to certain rules. Ask your friends to come into your house, get mail from your mailbox, water flowers or feed your cat, and at the same time look to see if something has changed. You can also, for example, leave the TV on - its chatter will be a good reinforcement to your camouflage procedures.

Shear the bushes around your home. This is not only beautiful, but also will not allow criminals to use them as a shelter.

Bush cutting has two goals

Close curtains in the house in the evening. You don’t want that at night, when you sleep, someone gets acquainted with the contents of your rooms through the window with the help of a flashlight.

Use your head more often. Stay at home when someone is working in or around your home. Do not leave keys under a rug or such a “secret” place as a flower pot or a beautiful stone at the door. Teach your children not to share family secret information with friends about where you store the keys, what is the code for the security system, or which window frame is attached to two studs.

4 things to not do

Do not leave crates of bought expensive equipment near their garbage cans. If you cannot push them into the tank, it is better to take them to hell so as not to attract the attention of potential offenders.

Do not write about your vacation plans online. And ask your children not to do this. You don’t know who is reading your Facebook or Twitter.

Stop opening door when you hear the bell without looking through the peephole. Find out first who is standing on the other side of the door. You do not have to open the door to a person you do not know. And do not answer until you are sure that this is a trustworthy person. Even if later it turns out that it was your neighbor who came to meet you. Nothing, there will still be an opportunity for this. And do not forget to instruct your children.

Someone is ringing the door

Do not leave valuable things in sight. They should not be visible through the window to people passing by your house.

3 inexpensive enhancements

  1. Light the night. Install around the house a few bright lights connected to motion sensors. The cost of such fixtures starts at $ 10 (battery powered). Accordingly, wired lamps are more expensive - already about $ 50.
  2. Take care of the door. The best doors are steel (their cost varies in different regions), but not Chinese beautiful “foil” dummies, but normal steel ones with a minimum of 3 mm thickness. Or from solid wood, which is also reliable and more beautiful. Use non-removable hinges and special spike-groove pairs to protect against wringing. At the same time, pay attention to how the door frame is made - its reliability and quality plays an even bigger role than the door itself. The castle must be equipped with a special steel plate that protects it from breaking with a sledgehammer.
  3. Install a high-quality bolt lock (or two). Never really count on a simple door lock, whether it is English or similar built-in handle. Install a good bolt lock above the handles. And additional tips:
  • Use the lock with a crossbar for 4 turns of a key
  • Fasten the lock with a long fastener so that it fits snugly in the door
  • Install a peephole with a view at 160%.

Spend a little more

There are many home security systems that you can install yourself. These systems, despite their cheapness, will perfectly fulfill their function - protecting your property and your loved ones. Most of these systems use wireless technology. All of them are easy to install and contain in a single set of several devices that provide basic protection. Many of them cost less than $ 100.

When buying them, you need to carefully consider the choice, since some of them use a professional monitoring service, which will cost you a certain amount of money each month. Therefore, you should decide in advance how much you need this service, and only then go to the store or contact the online store. In principle, you can monitor yourself, using your own smartphone or tablet.

Surveillance Camera in the Dark

Many systems include surveillance cameras, this is a very convenient monitoring feature. However, cameras can be bought separately. The main thing to consider here, in addition to the optical properties of the camera, is the place where it will store information. You must decide in advance whether it will be a disk drive in your home or, say, external cloud storage - in this case, you will probably have to pay for these services.

Here are just a few of these sets that we wrote about not so long ago. Some of them, however, are still in development and have not gone on sale.

  • iSmartAlarm. A set that provides basic security functions, which will cost only $ 200, and even an amateur can set it up. A key component of the system is CubeOne - a hub that collects all devices together and provides Internet access. In addition, the system includes a CCTV camera with a viewing angle of 350 degrees and the ability to shoot in the dark, two sensor models: one monitors the movement, the other monitors the opening of a door or window, as well as a special key fob that can be used to control the system. The number of sensors can be increased by purchasing them separately.

Competent layout

Think about security is still at the design stage of future housing. The most reliable designs are square and rectangular. So, at least, neighbors or passers-by will see an outsider on the site. If the shape of the building involves nooks and crannies, it is much easier for an attacker to hide there.

Also consider window layout. Ideally, they should provide an overview not only of the front of the house, but of the entire site. It is good if you can observe all sides from the room where you spend the most time.

Pay attention to the location of tall trees. An attacker can easily climb them. Therefore, try to minimize access to the roof and balcony from the street.

Entrance group: gate, gate, fence

Of course, the first obstacle that the attacker has to overcome is the gate and the fence. Today, the market offers many options for both a set of functions and stylistic solutions. But you should not forget about safety either.

Now traditional welded steel structures are gradually giving way to more modern entry gates and aluminum gates. First of all, this is due to their advantages: high-quality construction, easy and quick installation, noiselessness and ease of use, stylish design, high corrosion resistance and, of course, safety.

For continuous operation, the entry gates must be protected against corrosion throughout their “life cycle”. Steel welded doors do not have a protective layer to prevent corrosion. The use of load-bearing structural elements made of aluminum with the application of a special coating allows them to remain operational for a long time even when operating in regions with high humidity.

Front door and lock

The next test for the criminal is the door. On this element of the input group is better not to save. Prefer steel structures with a steel thickness of at least 3 mm, equipped with anti-detachable pins and gaskets.

Ideally, the door should be two and each equipped with reliable locks of different types of opening. If the door is one, then install two locks on it (ideally bolt locks), which are locked with a key both on the outside and inside. Also equip it with a door peephole with a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

They are the next target of attackers. Why bother with complex locks if you can just break the window. Therefore, their design must be reliable. Double-glazed metal-plastic windows are considered one of the most durable.

Also, to strengthen the glass, special stickers are applied to them. They hold glass fragments and do not allow it to break. In addition, it is possible to equip windows with anti-burglar fittings. If this does not seem enough, then install metal grilles.

And, of course, do not forget to tightly close all the windows in the house when you leave somewhere.

Night lighting with motion sensors

Do not neglect the lighting of the local area. Install lights with motion sensors in the yard. Suddenly turned on lighting and the thief will frighten off, and you will be notified about uninvited guests.

Modern technology can also be used for security purposes. Equip your home with the Smart Home system. This is a set of gadgets, interconnected, as well as your mobile phone. If cameras and motion sensors installed in the house detect suspicious activity, you will receive an appropriate SMS message.

In addition, such a system can create the illusion of the presence of the owners in the house. If, for example, you went on vacation, put the gadgets in the mode provided for this. They will automatically turn on and off the lights, TV, radio and even water the lawn at the right time.


If for one reason or another, the smart home system does not suit you, install at least a video eye. A motion sensor, a camera and a screen are attached to it, which is mounted on the inside of the door. Externally, the peephole is no different from the usual. When the motion sensor is triggered, the shooting mode (photo or video) is activated. The record is stored on a memory card.


Making insurance, of course, is an old, but proven method, if not protected from intruders, then at least compensate for the damage. If you are not ready to insure property on an ongoing basis, then you can do this for the duration of the vacation. However, short-term insurance can cost more than an annual policy.

Depending on the terms of the contract, the insurance company will indemnify for damage caused by natural disasters, domestic accidents and unlawful actions of third parties.


Another reliable way of protection is to install a security alarm. You can apply to both a private and a state company. You pay a monthly fee monthly, and in return you get the installation and maintenance of security equipment and the company's obligation to respond urgently to an alarm and detain intruders.

The arrival time of the guard at the place of call depends not only on the time of day and traffic congestion, but also on the availability of a sufficient number of vehicles. Therefore, before concluding an agreement, ask the company specialists about the size of the fleet.

Meet the neighbors

In addition to obviously costly ways to secure housing, there are completely free options. Make friends with your neighbors. They can always leave a spare set of keys with a request to look after the house while you are away. Or for a vacation, you can ask a friend to stay with you.

And also do not leave strangers alone in the room and never hide the keys under a rug or in a flower pot. Such caches only seem secret, reliable and unobvious to you.