Useful Tips

Baltimore Airport

Duration 6 min. The fare is 1–4 EUR. The distance is 2 km.

Carrier Maryland Transit

Duration 1 h 5 min. The fare is 9-16 EUR. Distance 62 km.

Carrier Greyhound USA

Take a taxi for 48 minutes from node Baltimore to Washington. Distance 63 km. The cost of a taxi is approximately around 110–140 EUR

See KiwiTaxi taxi prices.

Independently drive 48 minutes. The distance between and Washington is 63 km. You will spend 5 liters of gas for about € 6.5.

See which rental office is more profitable to rent a car.

How to get from / to Baltimore / Washington International Airport

If you need to get from Baltimore / Washington International Airport to the city center or to other cities or resorts nearby with the greatest comfort and without any difficulties with local transport, you can use the transfer reservation through the search form below. This way to get from the airport is different from a regular taxi in more comfortable travel conditions, the absence of problems with the language barrier (you do not have to explain to the driver in an unknown language where you need to get). Also there is round-the-clock Russian-language support by phone and email. When booking, you can specify special conditions for the trip, if they are required, for example, a trip with children or people with disabilities. When traveling with children, child restraints are provided for by the law of the respective country.

When ordering a transfer, the car driver will be waiting for you after boarding the plane with a sign with your name, and you can easily get to the place you need from any airport in the world.