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How to charge iPad


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We all sometimes find ourselves in situations in which we urgently need to charge the iPad. But not always at hand is a power outlet and charging. There are several options for solving this problem, and today we will tell you how to get out of this situation with the help of a car USB adapter and portable batteries.

Charge iPad from computer

You can charge your iPad in the same way as any other tablet or smartphone. In the delivery package of this tablet there is a special cable with an adapter for an outlet. Immediately after connecting the new iPad to the computer’s USB connector, the message “Charging does not go” appears in the vast majority of cases on the device’s screen. In fact, the battery of the gadget is charging, but very slowly. It takes about a day to charge the iPad from USB. The process can be slightly accelerated if you put the iPad in standby mode.

This method of restoring the energy of the iPad battery is perfect for those people who spend a lot of time at the computer. However, if you connect the device to a PC for several hours, it will not work out significantly to increase the battery charge.

Charging the iPad from the network

The process of charging the iPad from the network is faster than from the computer. It is enough just to connect the device to the 220 V network using the adapter supplied with the delivery and wait 4-5 hours for the battery to be 100% charged.

It is worth noting that if your iPad was purchased abroad, then it may require a special adapter (shown in the photo) to charge it from the network due to the incompatibility of the existing plug with the European standard outlets. Such an adapter is suitable for any type of outlet, and its use does not at all increase the recharge time of the tablet.

Now you know how to charge the iPad from the network and the computer correctly, which will significantly extend the life of your favorite Apple tablet.

Wind turbine

Do you think that the status of “iFan” is only for those users who, before the release of the new model, are ready to stand on guard all night near Apple stores? Not at all!

Designed by Tieerd Veenhoven, a designer of 3D interiors and exteriors, and commissioned using a modified computer, the iFan wind turbine allows you to use “green” wind energy to charge your iPod, iPad and other gadgets.

In total, it takes six hours to charge the devices. But enthusiasts (with good physical fitness) can speed up the process by attaching the device to the bike. By pedaling, you can quickly “fill” the battery.

Charging through the firing surface

Guess what your ipod, ipad charges when you warm up the soup? BioLite’s CampStove - portable stove for outdoor use. Using heat from a bonfire, it produces electricity through a thermoelectric generator, which then starts a fan to create an air stream, improving combustion.

Excess power is sent to a USB port to charge electronic gadgets. Even if it sounds a little complicated, it is not at all. Just plug in your Apple device and enjoy the marshmallows on fire, and in just two hours, your discharged “apple” pet will return to normal activities.

Perhaps this is not the most useful thing on the market, but it is worth paying tribute to its creators - they went beyond the usual framework of thinking.

It turns out that the sun daily produces as many as 400 trillion trillion watts - roughly the same amount of energy is required to provide 500,000 years of existence for our current civilization. Yes, this includes recharging gadgets.

Of course, the development of sunlight is a difficult task. That is why you need to be grateful for the Solio BOLT Solar Charger + Battery Pack from Better Energy Systems (“Best Energy Systems”). Solar charging will help charge your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Although the maximum voltage is only 5 volts, there are several ways to charge devices. On average, it takes up to three hours to fully charge the phone’s battery.

Fruit slice

What could be more harmonious than recharging an iPhone with a real apple? Given the availability of the necessary tools, a certain amount of time and fruit, this idea can easily be realized.

Essentially, you need to create a circuit (like the ones you used to do in high school physics classes) using a vegetable battery created by sticking strips of zinc and copper inside a selected fruit or root crop.

Electricity comes from the oxidation of zinc, organic matter serves as a conductive barrier, and copper closes the circuit. One fruit / vegetable will generate about half a volt of electricity, and stacks of alternating layers of vegetables, zinc and copper, creating a series of batteries in the form of lasagna, will increase the overall voltage.

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