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20 Christmas decorations that can be made in half an hour


Anastasia Skoreeva New Year 5.10.2015

Hello everyone. It's no secret that in a beautifully cleaned room it is often more pleasant to be than in it in the usual state. That is why in this article I will tell you about DIY Christmas decorations that will be relevant in 2020 and subsequent years.

Everyone knows the classic decorations for this holiday - garlands, balls, etc. But today we will plunge into the world of original solutions for this case.

DIY Christmas decorations by 2020: 100 simple ideas

If you want to properly prepare for the New Year, then for this case I have prepared for you 100 interesting ideas that can easily be done very quickly, but also use the most accessible materials.

As a bonus, I will give you a decoration plan. It sounds scary, but it doesn't mean anything terrible at all.

Here is the order I propose:

  1. Doors Classics of the genre - Christmas wreaths. But in Russia this is more of an adopted American tradition than a traditional Christmas decoration. In this case, you can decorate the door handles with pieces of garlands and lay out interesting patterns using them.
  2. Window. Garlands on them, of course, can also be attached. But it is better to purchase special stickers for windows, or cut out traditional snowflakes by gluing them to soap. Also, paper can make the so-called vytynanka - beautiful patterns and figures made of paper (snowflakes - a subspecies of this ancient Slavic art form). They can also be used for cabinets, especially with glass inserts.
  3. Other passages and transitions. Once upon a time, curtains in transitions, forming an air cascade of threads, were popular. So on New Year's Eve you can recall this good old fashion trend and make a kind of rain - hang a few garlands or threads with flowers, animals, toys made by yourself or purchased.
  4. Walls. It’s impossible not to recall them) Of course, garlands here will also serve well.
  5. Ceiling. We also include chandeliers here.

Paper window decorations with patterns

Various kinds of window decorations are very popular in paper winter art. In the coming year, a special role was given to his symbol - the White Metal Rat. To decorate the windows with these animals, I suggest you look at these patterns.

Want to bring luck to your home? Cut rats out of white paper and add silver sequins.

Here are the templates for the rest of the vytynanka (namely, the so-called window-winter creativity from paper). Among them you will find snowmen, bells, snowy expanses with fir trees and much more. Cut with pleasure!

Paper cubes with Santa, Christmas tree and snowman

In fact, there will be even more of these original and creative cubes! Together with them you will find little elves and deer from the Santa Claus cart. In these, you can put small surprises for children or use as an independent decoration of the apartment.

Here is such a fun Santa.

The deer Rudolph, without whom Santa Claus is nowhere.

Snowman looking forward to the New Year.

Decorated holiday spruce.

And finally, the elf helpers are three good kids.

These boxes were created by a wonderful girl under the nickname Hellohappycrafts. Thanks to her, you can download the sweeps of these holiday boxes in a large extension, which will allow you to experiment with the sizes of finished jewelry:

Of course, it is best to print them on a color printer, and then cut them out. But if this is not possible, then it is possible to stick elements from colored paper onto a black and white printed scan.

Other paper and cardboard decorations for the interior

If you have a dense metallic-colored cardboard, a few rhinestones, glue and tape, then create a deer pendant, as shown below. Laconic design will appeal to those who do not like the abundance of details.

To make a whole interior composition, stock up on several deer of different colors and sizes. Fix them with a capon lacquer (in case of absence - PVA), sprinkle with sparkles.

In the Same Series, Patterned Christmas Star. You can cut both decorations if you save each option to yourself, and then print.

It is easy to make a bewitching garland from cardboard. To do this, you just need to cut several hundred circles and sew them on a sewing machine, sequentially connecting each other.

If there is no machine or no confidence in the result, then slowly glue the circles to the thread to get the same garland as below. Use satin ribbon or regular lace as a hanging ribbon.

Another version of a garland with stars. DIY technology is exactly the same as the first.

Several snowflakes made using the quilling technique can complement the garlands. It will be easy to decorate not only a room with such, but also school, classes. Even a couple of lessons in elementary school can devote to creating such snowflakes! After all, you only need to twist the strips of paper, sometimes squeezing the edge, and glue them together.

Do not know how to bake Chinese cookies with predictions, but really want to try your luck? Make them look like double-sided cardboard or thick paper. You only need to cut out the circle and fold it in a special way, putting a wish or prediction inside.

A small decoration of corrugated paper can be made if you fold three rhombuses of green and red colors with an accordion, and then connect them with a ribbon.

If you want to make street lanterns, then I offer two options at once.

In the first of these, you will need to fold the box using the origami technique. Such boxes can then be placed on a diode garland, creating an unusual effect of diffused glow.

Exotic lovers are waiting for the Chinese New Year lantern. For him, prepare red and gold cardboard, floss thread, a gold marker and scissors with glue. Cut the workpiece as shown in the photo below. Circle the edges with a marker, make a brush made of floss and gold cylinders of cardboard on top and bottom of the lamp.

Such lanterns will decorate your garden or private home, becoming a highlight in the pre-holiday decoration.

From felt and fabric

The most durable jewelry is obtained from these materials. Decorate the door with a winter wreath. It can be made from a base ring, terry yarn and felt elements chosen to your taste. Details from felt wreath below:

  • three oak leaves
  • bird
  • three double flowers
  • three snowflakes
  • cat,
  • additional accessories: sequins, snowflakes, satin ribbon, buttons, feathers, artificial twigs.

Funny deer made of fabric will turn out to be much more attractive if their legs and horns are made of twigs wrapped in threads.

When we talk about New Year's toys, we think only about Christmas-tree decorations. But these photo ideas are actually cute winter toys. Deer, cubs and penguin are made of fleece.

Insanely simple Christmas tree, patterns of which can be removed directly from the photo. This can be sewn in just a couple of hours, and in a couple of days you can fill up the whole house with plush Christmas trees! Decorate it with braid, embroidery, buttons, rhinestones and much more.

Angels from burlap are even easier to make, they consist of literally two parts sewn together. It turns out interesting jewelry in the style of "rustic", especially if you add natural material as a decor (dried leaves, flowers, etc.).

Floating Satin Ribbons

A very large number of Christmas decorations of a very different plan are created from ribbons. And both as an additional element, and in the main role.

The next option is suitable for decorating the doorway, as well as an independent decoration (in case you have a large photo frame). You will need satin ribbons and empty transparent balls, which you can fill with anything at your discretion. The frame can be painted to enhance the festive effect.

The next wreath is suitable for both home and office or office. In the latter case, you can choose a muted range of colors. To do this yourself, take two colors of satin ribbons and then follow a simple mic below.

A small stylish Christmas tree that can be used as a pendant decoration in a car. As a basis, a thick cord is taken, on which ribbons are tied in turn.

For another Christmas tree, beads are also used. Loop the tape, alternating with beads and not forgetting to put the whole structure onto the thread.

We experiment with other materials.

Home decor knows no mercy! If you have a little imagination and patience, then the most unexpected masterpieces may be born.

To create such snowmen, you will need several jars (preferably plastic) that you can fill as you wish.

Do not connect cans among themselves. Fill the snowmen with sweets and make one on top of the other. Now from such compositions you can also treat yourself.

Create snowflakes from plastic cans. Cut the bottom of several pieces and paint them with acrylic paints. Make fastenings at the base so that these decorations can be hung over the windowsill or under the ceiling or hung on a cardboard frame to get a Christmas tree.

From a wooden blank, you can quickly make an interesting decoration in the form of a snowflake by painting the tree with acrylic paints.

Crafts with embroidered elements always look unusual. To make jewelry lower, you will need a plastic canvas, which can be covered with a felt insert at the back. The circuit is easy to take from the photo.

To create a ball with buttons, take a foam blank and all the decorative elements. Make a loop from the lace and glue everything else.

Beads and wire are great companions. With their help, you can create seemingly simple, but such cute pendants with which you can decorate the windows and in general the entire space of the apartment. Make them easy - put on a piece of wire a sufficient amount of beads of the right colors and bend into the desired shape.

An original idea for exotic lovers is a winter-style dream catcher.

Next you will find Christmas trees made of all kinds of materials: branches, threads, cones and even wire.

Christmas balls

It turns out that Christmas balls like a ball can be made from a large number of different components. For example, take a foam base and attach sequins to it with the help of small pins.

Or finally get rid of the annoying discs and split them into many small parts, which are then glued to a transparent plastic base.

A ball of foil and cardboard also looks interesting.

Take a look at the New Year's ball of pompons.

Without textiles, nowhere - it is easy to create a masterpiece from it with the help of simple patterns.

Plastic balls - a huge scope for creative imagination. They can be covered with a thread frame or sprinkled inside a sequin or sequin.

I will show you how to make a Christmas tree with your own hands - there are not many of them on New Year's.

Take a grid, PVA glue, paper, pins and glowing garlands. Make a paper cone. Soak the net in the glue and wrap this cone, securing the net with pins. Wait for it to dry, pull out the paper base. Everything can be lit inside the garland

For penguins from light bulbs, prepare for this old light bulbs, ribbon for eyelets, acrylic paints and a pencil for drawing contours.

In general, all you need to do is to paint the bulbs as you wish, attach the loops and additionally decorate with different sequins, knitted and sewn elements, rhinestones, etc. Done

The only negative of this idea is the need to get bulbs somewhere.

Stars, stars

Prepare thick paper for the star, glitter (available in woven), fastener tape and PVA glue. All that is needed is to cut a star, put glue on it, attach a ribbon-eyelet and sprinkle with sparkles.

What could be nicer on New Year's Eve (besides receiving gifts, of course) than it is beautiful to congratulate relatives and friends? To do this, prepare a felt, a base stick, glue, sequins, a synthetic winterizer and threads with a needle. For wishes - a beautiful paper and pen.

Cut two stars, from one of which cut the edge. Sew the star along the edge, without suturing the cut edge, stuff. Decorate with sequins. Insert the rolled-up wishes into the hole left. Sew a wand at the bottom, sew a hole.

Another star variation is from tree branches.

Pasta will also serve as excellent material.

And thread options.

We take another basis

Felt will help you in creating the most fabulous decoration. To do this, cut out the animals according to the pattern, which you can take from the photo, and sew along the edge.

If the feathers roll out in sparkles, you get a cool decoration that is easy to hang anywhere in the apartment by a string attached to the base.

A few more ideas for your creativity.

Christmas table decorations

Of course, I also did not forget about the table for the New Year. I present to you several ideas for him.

To do this, prepare a tin jar, two-strand braid and a braid with roses. Pins, glue and additional decorative decorations are also useful. Wrap the jar with ribbons, fasten. Decorate with a bow.

To create a Christmas tree, you will need several woven or paper napkins. All that is needed is to fold the napkins four times and fold them in accordance with the photo.

For candle decoration, take simple candles and sequins. Intersperse sequins in a candle; for this you can melt it a little.

For lamps made of balls, many well-known technologies are used. For it you will need an inflated ball, PVA glue and threads (preferably thick).

Draw a circle on the ball in the area of ​​the tip (it will be needed for the hole). Gradually wrap the ball with threads soaked in glue without covering the hole. When the structure dries, burst the ball and remove it.

You can find even more ideas for Christmas crafts in this article.

Food is the main decoration of the festive table. She can be cakes with winter patterns.

If you prepare a New Year's cake in the form of a great gift, then there will definitely be no limit to the joy and surprise of the guests.

Snowmen and cookie ornaments can become either a decoration for a spruce or a festive table.

Small cakes with the simplest winter pattern - what could be better?

Christmas tree can also be tasty! If it is from macaroon or cookies)

A separate topic is New Year's champagne. You can engage in its decoration ad infinitum, but I will show you three cool options: with sweaters, satin ribbon and sparkles.

Thanks for attention! See you soon friends! Meet the New Year 2020 to the fullest!

Sprocket of thread

Elegant sprocket of thread can be hung on a Christmas tree, on a chandelier, on a window or decorate their walls. Making them is very simple - watch our video.

  • You will need: threads for knitting of any thickness and colors, PVA glue, several cloves and a cutting board.

Wreath of balls and an old hanger

In just half an hour you can make a colorful wreath by buying a couple sets of inexpensive balls. The blogger Jennifer, the author of this article, recommends that the old hanger be folded, but if it is not, then a piece of durable wire is perfect.

  • You will need: a pair of sets of balls (20-25 balls of different colors and sizes), a wire hanger or wire, spruce branches, braid or a finished decoration for decorating a wreath.

Tablecloth made of snowflakes

A delicate and surprisingly festive tablecloth will turn out of snowflakes, on which we have filled our hand since childhood.You can sit and cut snowflakes with the whole family, and then lay them on the table and fasten them in small pieces of adhesive tape. A wonderful solution for receiving guests or just a lunch with your family on vacation.

Colorful hats

Lovely colored hats can be made from the remains of yarn, from which you can collect a garland on a Christmas tree or to decorate a wall. Or hang them on a window or chandelier at different levels. Children over five years old will do just fine with this simple decoration. See details here.

  • You will need: a toilet paper sleeve for ringlets (or plain cardboard or thick paper), scissors, multi-colored yarn and a good mood.

Lamp "Snow-covered city"

For this charming lamp you need to measure a piece of paper around the circumference of a can with a small margin (to glue it), depict and cut a simple urban or forest landscape. Wrap around the jar and put a candle inside.

  • You will need: a can, thick paper of any color, you can white, any candle. Alternatively, you can cover the top of the can with “falling snow” using a special “snow” spray, which is sold in hobby shops.

Balls with photos

Great idea for decorating a Christmas tree or for a gift to relatives and friends. The photo needs to be rolled up into a tube so that it passes into the hole in the ball, and then straightened with a wooden stick or tweezers. Small black-and-white rectangular pictures are suitable, and you can also cut the photo in the shape of a ball or in silhouette (as is the case with a cat in the snow).

  • You will need: plastic or glass balls, photographs, miscellaneous items to fill the ball - tinsel, garlands, coarse salt (for snow).


Luminous garlands hidden among cones, branches and coniferous paws create the effect of coals smoldering in a fireplace or a cozy bonfire. From them even as if the heat is coming. For this purpose a hundred years old basket, a nice bucket or, for example, a wicker container for small items from Ikea will be suitable for a hundred years. Everything else (except for the garland, of course) can be found in the park.

Floating candles

A very simple decoration for the New Year's table or for a cozy evening with friends on New Year's holidays is a composition with candles floating in a vessel with water, cranberries and coniferous branches. You can use cones, circles of oranges, fresh flowers and leaves from a flower shop - all that the fantasy tells you. And as a candlestick - deep plates, vases, banks, glasses, the main thing is to be transparent.

Snowman on the fridge or door

From this, the children will certainly be delighted - quickly, fun and very simple, because even a three-year-old will cope with cutting large parts. It is enough to cut circles, nose and scarf from self-adhesive paper, wrapping paper or color cardboard and attach them to plain or double-sided tape.

Snowflakes on the window

An interesting application for a glue gun lying around idle. In order to glue these snowflakes to the glass, just gently press them to the surface. See our video for details.

  • You will need: a stencil with a snowflake drawn with a black marker, tracing paper (parchment, baking paper), a glue gun and a little patience.

Christmas trees

Bright Christmas trees can be built together with the kids for a children's holiday or decorate with them a festive table. Cut the triangles out of colored paper or cardboard, attach them to the toothpick with tape and stick the resulting Christmas trees into the candies.

  • You will need: Hershey’s Kisses or any other truffle sweets, toothpicks, scotch tape, colored paper or patterned cardboard.

Garland with photos and drawings.

New Year, Christmas - warm, family holidays. And very useful will have a garland with photos, children's drawings, pictures. They are easiest to fix with clothespins that can be decorated with hearts or snowflakes.

Painted spoons

Ordinary metal spoons or wooden cooking spoons with acrylic paints turn into interesting Christmas decorations. This idea will surely appeal to children. If you bend the handle of metal spoons, they can be hung on a Christmas tree. And wooden spoons will look great in the kitchen or in a bouquet with fir branches.

Snowman sock

Unnecessary white socks will make such funny snowmen. Cut off the toe at the sock, and on the other hand, tie it with a thread. Pour the rice into a round shape, pull it again with a thread and sprinkle more rice, forming a smaller ball. Sew on the eyes and nose, make a scarf from the patch, sew on the buttons. And from the cut part you get a great hat.

  • You will need: rice, white sock, buttons, beads and fabric flaps.

Volumetric Snowflakes

Cute voluminous snowflakes can be hung on strings and decorated with a Christmas tree or windows. Making them is not much harder than ordinary flat snowflakes. Detailed instructions with photos are here.

  • You will need: white paper, sharp scissors and a stapler.

Toys from old light bulbs

Do not throw away the old bulbs anymore, they make nice jewelry, and the children will be delighted with this idea. Homemade Santas, snowmen and penguins will appear on the Christmas tree. It is not necessary to make a fleece cap for the snowman, as in the upper right picture - we have already described above how to make a nice hat from the remains of yarn.

  • You will need: blown bulbs, acrylic paints (old nail polishes are also useful), regular glue, colored glue with sparkles (for toys in the photo on the left and top), which is sold in hobby shops. Beads, buttons, ribbons, tinsel and other differences will be used.

We ride behind the tree

Absolutely useless, but such a cute little thing that will decorate a chest of drawers, a windowsill, a festive table. The blogger Linda, who owns the idea, used artificial snow, but it can be replaced with a white napkin torn into pieces.

  • You will need: a toy car (mothers of boys will have no problems with this), a white napkin, a Christmas tree, a red and white ribbon, a pretty jar.

Balls with memories, dreams and all sorts of things

A set of transparent glass balls can be turned into exceptional, designer jewelry. For example, to make Christmas decorations that will carry the best memories of the past year - the birth of a child, an amazing journey. Over time, a tradition will appear in the family - taking out "memorable" toys from the mezzanines, indulging in memories. You can also make wishes with their help: for example, if you dream of going to the sea, you make a ball with shells and wait for fulfillment.