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How to become an Elite member on Yelp


To become a member of the Yelp level of "Elite" means that you get the opportunity to become a kind of creator of at least one part of the search engine on the market. To do this, you must be an active member of the Yelp community. In addition, it will not be superfluous when you try to get approval (praise)! Follow this guide to become one of the elite members!

№1Create an accurate profile. Elite Yelp members must have a profile with their real name and a clear image. Make sure the photo is yours.

    Elite Yelp members must be adults who are allowed to drink alcohol.

Elite Yelp members cannot be affiliated with any local business to provide fair feedback.

No. 2 Write useful reviews. The most important step to becoming an elite member of Yelp is to write as many useful and impartial reviews as possible. Make sure your review is comprehensive but easy to read and does not contain many obvious errors.

    Add photos of your locations or services that you are reviewing critically.

Add tips to existing posts, thereby helping to increase the amount of information available.

Do not choose your pets among certain establishments. Try to write correctly about every place you visit.

№3 Write a lot of reviews. The more you collaborate, the more you will be appreciated in the Community of Managers. Try writing a review for every place you visit. Elite members of Yelp are considered diplomatic in terms of the cultural development of their city, so stay in the center of events and write reviews.

№4 Show yourself. Do not write like a robot. The Yelp Managers Community is looking for members who are interesting people and who are easy to communicate with. So spice up the writing of your feedback using the conversation style, and let me shine with your inner wit.

No. 5 Interact with other Yelp members. Vote for feedback, leave comments and communicate as much as possible with the community. Stick to polite and thoughtful comments. Praise other users, especially good reviews.

    Take your time every week to greet new Yelp members. The management community appreciates the people who work to promote and develop the search engine in the Yelp services market.

No. 6 Interact with your Yelp manager. Community managers are the people responsible for identifying those Yelp members who will receive Elite status within a year. Comment on their feedback and communicate with them so that your name stands out when it is time to make a decision.

No. 7 Get a nomination or tag yourself. Other Yelp members can appoint you, or you can identify yourself by clicking on the link on the Elite page.

    Enter the name of your city. If your city is not listed, you can still become a member of the National Elite.

Enter your name. Yelp must know your real name before you can apply for Elite membership in Yelp.

Enter the URL of your profile in Yelp. This will allow community managers to quickly view your profile and check your reviews and comments.

Tell Yelp why you deserve to become their Elite member. In the "Tell us why" field, write a few suggestions about why you should consider your candidacy for Elite status. Be creative and be funny, helping to stand out from the rest of the participants.

Share your experience. Join the adventures. Discover new spots.

The Yelp Elite Squad is a diverse community of passionate writers, photographers, and adventurers. Every experience you share on Yelp helps people discover the best of everything local. Love discovering hidden gems? Supporting local businesses? Going the extra mile with your photos, reviews, and adventures? Join your local YES! community and discover even more hidden spots in your city.

Make a difference

Back in the early days of Yelp, we noticed some folks went above and beyond sharing reviews and photos — without these voices Yelp wouldn’t be what it is today. Have you spotted anyone with a Yelp Elite badge? It’s our way of recognizing these folks for making a difference and supporting local businesses by sharing their experiences.

Join exclusive events

Sharing reviews and photos is just the beginning. Joining YES! means being officially recognized as a Yelp Elite on your profile, meeting other locals in the community that share your interests, and scoring exclusive invites to amazing local events and meet-ups. From cocktails on boats to playdates with penguins, there are all kinds of experiences to check out.

Be a trusted voice

Real people. Real reviews.® YES! isn’t just about recognizing folks who share a ton of pictures or write long reviews, it’s also a mark of trust — be sure to brush up your profile! And just keep sharing your reviews, photos, and more and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Yelp Elite. Whether you’re new to Yelp or a regular, anyone can nominate themselves or others to join.

How to join the Yelp Elite Squad

Use your real name on your profile

Add a real photo of yourself

Nominate yourself and tell us why you want in

Sent your nomination? Sit back, relax, and hopefully you’ll make it! Don’t worry if you don’t get in straight away — keep sharing your experiences, because you can always re-nominate. Note: You must be of legal drinking age in your country to join.

Community stories from across the U.S.

Nini “ster” J., Yelp Elite since 2017

Can you barely go a week before looking for a new adventure? Food is everything, but it’s not everything. Yes! is all about discovery, whether your thing is finding a great new book to read or tuning up your bike for a new day of exploring.

Dominek T., Yelp Elite since 2015

Do you love exploring your city for ice cream? Do you max out the character count when it comes to pancakes? Some people review everything, but joining YES! isn’t just about how many opinions you can share. It’s all about sharing your unique story and experiences.

Eric Joseph “EJ” D., Yelp Elite since 2015